(EASTERN HEROES) CEO Simon on the GHC and the Chinese warrior

5th June 2018

Simon, CEO (44) of Chinese professional wrestling promotion "Eastern Heroes" (which came from IGF), vowed on the 4th June that the Chinese wrestlers would become Noah's GHC Heavyweight champion.

On May 25th both Noah and Eastern Heroes announced a business alliance, and as part of that they will send their talent out events hosted by both organizations.

"Because I am going to Noah, I will show a fierce battle. I have been called to the front. I aim to challenge for the belt (GHC Heavyweight) in the future."

Eastern Heroes tend to be new athletes. "It may be difficult to do it in a year...however I believe if you practice Noah's wrestlers for the next couple of years, you will make your name as wrestlers".

The top of this list is a candidate from Guangzhou, the self proclaimed "400 fights and undefeated" MA Zhu Jiang.
He is a big wrestler, who debuted in at the Shenzhen event in December last year, and whose height is currently 93cm, he is still growing and expected to exceed 2.
"I am still incomplete, but I am working hard at practice, I have strength and I feel stronger than before. It is fun." he says. 

In addition to this he is recommending entry to pro-wrestling to a giant of a man whose height is over 2 meters, and weight 150 kilograms, and who is living in the mountain recesses.
Fantasy grows, but can you really take the Ark's treasure as you intend?

Link to original article from Yahoo.co.jp (in Japanese)