(NOAH) The first professional wrestling held in Tianjin, China! Crowd enthusiastic! A new page for the Eastern Heroes!

On Sunday December 2nd, the Eastern Heroes held a wrestling event at the Tianjin Wuyi Parliament House. 1,000 spectators filled the venue, a first in the history of Tianjin. 

In the main event, Takashi Sugiura tagged with Akitoshi Saito and won over Katsuhiko Nakajima and Masa Kitamiya. Like at the event in Shanghai on the (8th and 9th August) in the semi final card, the Chinese tag team of Chang Jian Feng and Lin Dong Xuan fought against Mitsuya Nagai and KAZMA SAKAMOTO. 
Although the Chinese tag was green, Lin Dong Xuan managed to get a momentary break and get the three count via schoolboy on KAZMA SAKAMOTO, and won the victory in front of local fans. Former WWE, Wang Bin and Liu Bun Hua also visited, with Wang Bin giving the closing comments.


MA Zhu Jiang & Atsushi Kotoge vs Kenoh & Kaito Kiyomiya
WINNER: Kenoh with the Diving Footstamp on MA (7 minutes and 36 seconds)

Shen Long & Shen Hu vs Daisuke Harada & Tadasuke
WINNER: Shen Long with the diving body press on Tadasuke (6 minutes and 17 seconds)

Chang Jian Feng & Lin Dong Xuan vs Mitsuya Nagai & KAZMA SAKAMOTO
WINNER: Ling Dong Xuan with the schoolboy roll up on KAZMA SAKAMOTO (11 minutes and 52 seconds)

Takashi Sugiura & Akitoshi Saito vs Katsuhiko Nakajima & Masa Kitamiya
WINNER: Takashi Sugiura with the Olympic Slam on Masa Kitamiya (16 minutes and 37 seconds)