(NOAH) Kaito Kiyomiya vs Masa Kitamiya, GHC Heavyweight Match Signing

29th January 2019

Q: Your motivation towards the title fight?
KITAMIYA: Since the time that I announced my challenge for the belt, I did not admit that there was any belt under Kiyomiya. That is why I made a challenge. I did it because I want to increase it, I challenged because I don't recognize that this guy has a belt. The challenge today is nuance, and because it is a different challenge, by all means I want to show you a "new landscape"

KIYOMIYA: I think there are various views, but at Korakuen Hall on February 1st, I will take pride in having a title match with Kitamiya, who was the dormitory leader from the time of my introduction. I think of what I can do now, and I will bring all my current power to crash with Kitamiya and protect the belt. Please provide some support.

Q: Kitamiya is the heavyweight champion, and you have been pursuing this for over two years since your first challenge, what kind of feelings do you have towards the belt?
KITAMIYA: A heavyweight belt is the symbol of the group. The person who has it at the time becomes Noah's ikon; I think that too must become that symbol. To be a "face", you need an atmosphere that no matter who is the champion, you need to be able to feel and think like one, and I have to wrestle that kind of match. I think that is great weight.

Q: Amid taking a bite out of the top, in the process has there been jealousy that your younger student has passed ahead?
KITAMIYA: I don't want to say too much, but speaking of the Super New Generation army, making this kind of situation in the end of courses makes me angry with myself.

Q: Although your relationship was of a senior and a junior during the dojo era, what kind of individual is Kaito Kiyomiya?
KITAMIYA: He was just a junior. It happened that I was the dorm leader at the time when he came in.

Q: Kiyomiya, is Kitamiya a strong presence?
KIYOMIYA: I always used to refer to him when I wanted to get to grips with the top wrestlers after debuting, I have very fond memories.

Q: "What can be done now?" is substantial?
KIYOMIYA: I am now in a situation that I am fighting with a belt, and there are lots of situations were something will happen for the first time I think. In this first situation, I want to fight carefully.

Q: What kind of match do you want, and how do you want to win?
KIYOMIYA: I always like to wrestle at full strength with the customers cheering, I want to rise to an upper stage and go beyond the limit of this title match.

Q: Kitamiya, based on that argument, how would you rather win?
KITAMIYA: I think in a title match, the champion must dominate the match originally. But, as for this match, I would like to control it all and make it mine. We cannot have two matches.

Q: To what extent will you recognize Kiyomiya?
KITAMIYA: There is no acknowledgement, and I had no reason to express a challenge. I made it because of my feelings, not before I got ahead of myself by putting it on (rough).

Q: In the pre-matches, you lost ground to Kitamiya?
KIYOMIYA: I was fighting for myself in the pre-matches, it was a sweet idea, and... I think that the challenger came to get the belt, I have only the purpose to protect the belt, and I wonder if I took something from the fight with the challenger. I think I will look back on it at the next title match.

Picture credit: Noah.co.jp