(NOAH) New structure statement, new owner is the LIDET Company, "I want to increase the big match".

29th January 2019
Tokyo Sports Web

On the 29th January, Noah announced that it will move to a new system.
At the signing ceremony of the GHC Heavyweight Championship (Kaito Kiyomiya vs the challenger, Masa Kitamiya), which will be held at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo on February 1st, Mr. Yosuke Fuwa, the new president of Noah Global Entertainment Co, explained that the new office will be opened on the 30th of this month.
From now on LIDET Entertainment has become the new company owners, acquiring 75% stock. President Masayuki Uchida will resign on the 31st of this month, when Fuwa becomes the new owner of the promotion.

LIDET Entertainment handles events such as the Choshu Power Hall Produce Box Office, and has expert knowledge in the operation of pro-wrestling events.
According to Yuhiro Takeda, the managing director of the company, the discussion has been going on since November, and as a result, Noah's new president is Fuwa. Takeda will replace Uchida as the field manager.
Mr. Takeda said, "Specifically, starting from now, we want to make a new image by the nearest big match, Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium on March 10th. For the future? We want to increase the big matches, and I think it will be difficult to do if we don't, and the audience will not come. First of all, we are aiming for the second place in the industry after New Japan, and we will start work on setting that up. I would like you to decide who the face of Noah is now between the wrestlers in the ring. Is it Marufuji? Kiyomiya? That wrestler will lead, and their assertion will be the new emphasis of Noah."