(NOAH) Noah GHC Champion Kaito Kiyomiya, former dorm manager Masa Kitamiya and the V2 match

29th January 2019
Tokyo Sports

Pro Wrestling Noah held the signing ceremony of the GHC Heavyweight Championship which will be held at Korakuen Hall next month, at the new offices in Yūrakuchō​, Tokyo on the 29th. The 22 year old GHC Heavyweight champion, Kaito Kiyomiya, will face Masa Kitamiya (who was the dorm manager when he entered the promotion) for his second defensive match.
The challenger, Kitamiya says, "It is said that the belt is on Kiyomiya. I don't admit that at all. However, I will take that belt, and show Noah a new scene."

Taking up the challenge, Kiyomiya said "I think there are various views, but at Korakuen on February 1st, I am proud I can have a match with Kitamiya, who was the dormitory manager when I entered. I am in a position now when I can strike against Kitamiya, and defend the belt."

NOTE: The article seems to think that this is Kiyomiya's third defense of the title, its actually his second, having faced Kenoh before Kitamiya after winning the belt from Takashi Sugiura.

Picture credit: Tokyo Sports