(NOAH) Noah's new structure, "We want to create a new face"

Nikkan Sports
29th January 2019

An advertising agency has become the new owners of Pro Wrestling Noah, Yuhiro Takeda, the managing director of LIDET Entertainment explained the circumstances of the new ownership in the new offices at Yūrakuchō​, Tokyo.

Last year on roughly November 20th, the transfers of stock was made with the former owners, Estbee Ltd with LIDET Entertainment. LIDET acquired 75% of the shares, and Noah became a subsidiary.
Along with the new structure, President Masayuki Uchida, who had been mainly in charge of management, has resigned as chairman this month. Yosuke Fuwa, who was a manager in the old organization, has taken office and taken over the management.
In addition, Mr. Takeda (Yuhiro), who is an employee of LIDET, will be the field manager.
Takeda said, "Currently, I would like to create a new image by March 10th at the Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium. I want to increase the big match. I want the wrestlers to create a new face of Noah in the ring, and have that new face lead Noah."
It is said that they are holding individual interviews with the current wrestlers, to explain their new system.
"From the owners point of view, we are saying we are aiming at the second place in the industry, and for that reason, I would like to think about what we should do."