(NOAH) President Uchida resigns, and Noah shifts to a new regime, the skill and reputation of the new owner "LIDET"

Tokyo Sports Web
29th January 2019

Pro Wrestling Noah, to which the mat's "genius" Naomichi Marufuji (39) belongs, will be transferred to a new business on the 1st; it was confirmed on the 28th, that there will be a new regime.
According to officials, "LIDET Entertainment", is the largest shareholder of "Noah Global Entertainment" and therefore have become the new owner of the group. At Noah, Fuwa will retain his presidency, but Masayuki Uchida (56) will resign as chairman at the 31st of this month.

Along with this, the office, which was located in Misaki, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo will be located to Yūrakuchō, which is the same district that LIDET is in. LIDET has handled the Choshu Power Hall produce and Shiro Koshinaka's 30th anniversary box office (30th January at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo) etc, with Choshu serving as a member of the board. They have expert know-how in management and promotion of how to promote pro-wrestling events.

President Uchida told this newspaper that, "as for me, after Marufuji's 20th anniversary box office finished, I had progressed to a good point. The younger wrestlers had risen up, and there were good signs seen. Noah decided it was going to the next stage, and I thought it would best to leave it to LIDET, who have ideas that I do not."

In November 2016, Noah, who faced a deterioration in performance due to the slump in long term audience attendance, was transferred to the IT company "Estbee" (now Noah Global Entertainment) in November 2016. President Uchida, who had served as the president of All Japan, began to rebuild the promotion.
In December last year, the 22 year old Kaito Kiyomiya was crowned the GHC Heavyweight champion, and the young generation rose. At Tokyo Sports "2018 Wrestling Grand Prize", Marufuji won "Outstanding Achievement" while Kiyomiya received the "Fighting Spirit" award.

On February 1st, Uchida will be appointed as the special adviser to LIDET. Regarding the relationship with the pro-wrestling world in the future he says, "I do not know. It is funny to see that I have left being chairman", but his policy was to draw the line.

Attention gathers for the route the new Noah will take.

Picture credit: Tokyo Sports Web