(NOAH) "Come At Me You Bastards" ~ Kenoh's column (February 2019)

INTERVIEWER: Today we will do the column while poking a hot pot in Hakata.
KENOH: Is the theme meals while on tour?
INTERVIEWER: There is nothing else to talk about.
KENOH: Let me have a drink, maybe I will tell a joke. It was a series of having no theme due to losing the GHC Heavyweight Championship with Kiyomiya at Korakuen Hall on January 6th. There was no Marufuji either. Wrestlers who say they that they fight for the people who came that day, are inferior. That's natural. I'm generally not a wrestler who can do that (rough). I have to find a theme, and I have to convey, it is not normal.
INTERVIEWER: Then, did you find a top-notch theme, Kenoh?
KENOH:...it is definitely difficult. If Marufuji was there, I could stop feeling uncertain.
INTERVIEWER: The card for his return on the 1st February has been created.
KENOH: You see, I finally found a new theme. His opponents are Go Shiozaki, Katsuhiko Nakajima and Atsushi Kotoge...and I'm not in there!
The INTERVIEWERS response doesn't really translate well, but he is kind of referring to a comedy act where by one person provides the comic relief and the other the "straight guy".
KENOH: He's gone for a no risk choice. He has used his behind the scenes power, and run from me again. When he came back, I thought I would be the first to crush him.
INTERVIEWER: In the last column there was a lot of provocation?
KENOH: My partner, Masa Kitamiya, has challenged for the GHC Heavyweight, so we cannot even aim for the tag.
INTERVIEWER: It is evasive.
KENOH: Last year I thought about various things, and I forcibly found a theme and transmitted it, I have not been able to do anything with it so far. I haven't had it all the time though. I have thought about myself, found it and reflected on it while fighting in the ring. I have to finish the era of Marufuji and Sugiura. Sugiura...he's there. 
INTERVIEWER: The other one?
KENOH: The junior* Kiyomiya overcame Sugiura. I defeated Marufuji in a singles match last November, but I have not overcome Sugiura yet. Finally, through that, I found a theme for the future. Sugiura has not had once since he fell from the GHC. You cannot always face Noah's current champion at any time, and you can have a match that echoes in your mind. For me now, its a tasty opponent, who cannot be compared with the current champion. So, I can have the best match that has been in my head for a long time. 
INTERVIEWER: It has finally come to you?
KENOH: It takes top notch professional wrestlers to discover and disseminate themes like this.

Their food arrives, they are having a type of stew called "Motsunabe"

KENOH: I like to appreciate the pot that rolls up with steam.
INTERVIEWER: I am so excited, I cannot see your face.
KENOH: Sugiura and I are like handling a stew. Out of 40 main ingredients, a good oyster will come out. The champion, Kiyomiya, he is like a chicken breast, the brilliant green color looks good and there is also freshness, and he would look good on Instagram. However, if you pass him through too much fire, he will be something that you do not recognize. It's not good to do that, Pro Wrestling Noah.
INTERVIEWER: You are speaking the truth
KENOH: Kotoge is a red pepper. It might be indispensable as a spice, but spice is a spice until the end. Kitamiya is garlic. It is something that is utterly indispensable to a pot of stew, his rough fight gives the richness to the Noah ring. He has the bad smell of garlic, but I mean that in a good way.
INTERVIEWER: So, who would be a cabbage?
KENOH: Although it is popular, its a huge bulky food ingredient. Its popular, but it has no depth, so its Go Shiozaki and Katsuhiko Nakajima.
INTERVIEWER: The theme is found, but by the way, what is your favorite meal at a tourist destination?
KENOH: Okinawa cuisine. Why doesn't Noah go to Okinawa? I will absolutely try to go this year to the Naha Kumoji** branch
INTERVIEWER: What about sponsorship on Noah's ring apron?
KENOH: Someday I will do an Okinawa event, and then after a tasting, I will have an event at the Naha Kumoji branch.

*Junior here does not mean weight class or division, it means much younger person, its like saying "that kid".
**Tokyo based Izakaya that has opened a branch in Okinawa, best way to describe them would be gourmet food who serve both grilled seafood and traditional sushi

(Translated from "Weekly Pro", picture credit to Weekly Pro)