(NOAH) Eddie Edwards mini interview

9th February 2019

Q: In December 2017, you lost the GHC Heavyweight to Kenoh over a year ago, but have you seen the state of affairs in Noah after that?
EDWARDS: Yes of course. I always have and always will follow Noah as closely as I can. I have been very busy with Impact but I watch and study as much as possible.
I was upset at the loss to Kenoh, but it just makes me want to become a champion even more.

Q: What situation, and what wrestler have you been the most interested in?
EDWARDS: Definitely Kiyomiya. He is still young and raw in terms of wrestling, but he is the current champion. He has grown so much since the last time I was in the ring with him.

Q: Why have you teamed with Kotoge?
EDWARDS: I have always wanted to win every championship there is in Noah. I have been a GHC singles champion, but now I want to be able to add tag team champion to my resume. I have been watching and seeing what Kotoge has been doing lately. I figured with his new style and my new style we would be a great team. I have always respected Kotoge, and I’m very excited to team together.

Q: What is your impression of the team of Storm and Yone?
EDWARDS: 50 Funky Powers are a strong team. They have had the tag belts before, and they know how to win matches. It seems like they have a new focus and determination to stay champions for a long time. I look forward to ending their reign.

Q: Yone says that your "Revolution" and Kotoge's "Revolution" are two different things?
EDWARDS: I am confident in our communication. I cannot speak perfect Japanese, and Kotoge cannot speak perfect English, but in the ring, we speak the same language.

Q: The GHC Heavyweight was won for the first time by a gaijin. The GHC Tag belt was crowned by Vader & Scorpio and other foreign teams. What are your thoughts on the tag belt?
EDWARDS: I have always admired Marufuji for being the Grand Slam champion and winning every title. I know I won't be able to do the same, but I want to win as many as I can.

Q: What would you like to do with the belt?
EDWARDS: After first celebrating with Kotoge, I want to bring the GHC Tag Team championship to the USA.

Q: When you spoke at Korakuen, it was a huge response. Please let the Noah fans know of your enthusiasm?
EDWARDS: Thank you to everyone who has supported me on my journey through Pro Wrestling Noah, I am excited to return to Japan. I look forward to seeing the fans once again. Lets take this Revolution to the next level!!

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*Note: Noah translated the answers into English, but not the questions asked.