(NOAH) "Era", Marufuji's declaration to recover the belt

2nd February 2019
Tokyo Sports Web

Noah's genius, Naomichi Marufuji (39) returned from injury on the 1st, and displayed his recovery.
He showed the same strength as before in the six man tag match at Noah's Korakuen Hall event, and in the semi final helped friends who were in a tough spot.
In addition he appeared in the ring when the GHC Heavyweight champion, Kaito Kiyomiya (22), succeeded in his second defense in the main event, and announced a title challenge.
The genius, who has developed confidence in his resurrection, foretold an "educational guidance" in the title battle.

While progressing through Global League last November and reaching the finals, he had to step down with a hamstring injury and left shoulder contusion. After missing about two months, he made his long awaited return to the ring in the six man tag.

But, being a genius has nothing to do with missing time.
After a diverse kicking technique, he developed a fierce chop battle with Shiozaki, and the audience was boosted with a movement that surpassed his absence.
Despite being defeated by the other team he said, "It's fine. You know by listening to the sound of the chop, I'm back!"

From here he wound the clock back at one stroke.
In the semi final was the GHC Tag match which took place afterwards, and he, along with Takashi Sugiura, assisted the team of Quiet Storm and Mohammed Yone against the champions Maybach Taniguchi and Yuji Hino, by preventing the seconds from rushing in.

At the end when Kiyomiya achieved his second defense, he appeared in the ring and said, "I do not fear your strength. But no matter how many fans are behind you, even if it is 3000 to 1, I have confidence in winning. Do it!"

There was no more impressive quality, than on the day of return.
"I didn't challenge only for the GHC Heavyweight, it is because I am confident. Confident of winning. My legs and shoulders are in a good condition during the return battle, and so there was no problem with chops."
Regarding Kiyomiya he said, "I am not inferior to him in anything other than age. I have had various experiences, so I will take the belt while teaching him what he does not have now."
He will "educate" the young man in the ring.

Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium on the 10th March will be full of attention to the championship match.
Marufuji, who will take the momentum to surpass the champion, will recapture both the belt and "the era" in this way.

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