(NOAH) GHC Champion Kiyomiya has a fierce fight for more than 29 minutes in his second defense, next challenger is Marufuji!

2nd February 2019
Tokyo Sports Web

On the 1st February at Noah;s Korakuen Hall event, GHC Heavyweight Champion, Kaito Kiyomiya (22), threw off the challenge of Masa Kitamiya (30) and succeeded in his second defense.

Endurance from the opening stages persisted, and although he repeatedly had an anguished expression from the attack on his left foot, he endured it. At the end he threw the Tiger Suplex and put an end to the match of over 29 minutes.

Then after the match, Naomichi Marufuji, who had returned for the first time in about two months* said, "You do not feel strength or fear, entirely due to the cheers of the fans. But no matter how many fans are behind you, even if it is 3000 to 1, I have confidence in winning. Do it!"

Kiyomiya accepted the request with confidence of youth, saying "Honestly, I thought you would come. Noah's face is now me. Thank you for the challenge**".

* Actually about three and a half to four.
** He actually said "defensive match", but I have changed it as in translation it doesn't read well.

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Picture credit: Tokyo Sports Web