(NOAH) Interview with Yoshiki Inamura and Kinya Okada ahead of the 24th February clash with The Hooligans at Korakuen Hall

2nd February 2019

Q: What are your thoughts of victory towards the elimination of The Hooligans?
INAMURA: Yesterday, Mr. Sugiura asked me to fight as a member of the "Sugiura Army". I will fight at the front, and do my utmost to prevent Mr. Sugiura from going to The Hooligans.
OKADA: I was also invited in the same way by Mr. Sugiura, as a member of the "Sugiura Army", it will be a full confrontation with The Hooligans. Mr. Sugiura said that "Okada, Inamura will be enough to oppose The Hooligans", I will not hinder the team. I want to defeat The Hooligans by using momentum and energy, which alone will defeat them.

Q: As seconds, you were given a hard time by The Hooligans, what is your hatred for them?
INAMURA: Aside from their selfish rampaging, when the tag belts were dropped the other day I didn't feel that their bad force had gone. We may have only have debuted a few months ago, but we work hard for Noah, and they just do whatever they want. It creates a bad feeling, as we are doing it fairly and openly. So, I want to bring all my anger and disgust by fighting them directly.
OKADA: Although there hasn't been that much opportunity to have a face to face confrontation with The Hooligans, their foul play and interference are dispersed, the Hooligans do things arrogantly. I think the customer thinks so too. Being chosen, I want to harness their interference, contain their intervention and defeat them.

Q: Is there any one wrestler alone you want to bring down alone?
INAMURA: KAZMA. What he said to Mr. Sugiura on the microphone made my head spin, with what he said the fighting power of the Hooligans should rise. I think it will be a tough fight for everyone, but I would like to drag Mr. KAZMA down and shave off some of the force of The Hooligans.
OKADA: I was attacked by Nagai in Osaka, and KAZMA in Korakuen. Those two are in my thoughts, and individually the power of Sugiura and Saito. If they were the Hooligans opponents alone, it could be problem free, although I don't think it would not be. I will do my best for ourselves, to get rid of as many opponents.

Q: But neither of you have ever won over any seniors, how would you like to overturn that opinion?
INAMURA: Mr. Sugiura said that, "Okada and Inamura are enough". We may be two people who are said to be not as skilled, but when I think of Noah, I will go the way I was taught by my seniors, especially when it comes to absolutely not losing to the cheating Hooligans. Everyone in the Hooligans think of themselves being big and strong, but personally, I want to fight fair and square, and go with that feeling and defeat them with it.
OKADA: The opponents think that Sugiura et all will not put in any fighting power. I am in a situation where they are being careless to both their enemies and themselves, I want to try hard by overcoming the unprepared opponent.

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