(NOAH) Naomichi Marufuji to challenge Kiyomiya, defense plans after taking the championship

3rd February 2019

Naomichi Marufuji (39) who is challenging the GHC Heavyweight Champion, Kaito Kiyomiya (22) on March 10th at Pro Wrestling Noah's Yokohama Cultural Gym, revealed his defense plan on the 3rd February after challenging for the title. 

After participating in the bean throwing* that is held each year at Ikegami Honmoji** Marufuji said, "With the exception of youth, I have nothing inferior to Kiyomiya. I will take the belt. Last year I was defeated by the younger generation such as Nakajima and Kenoh. So Marufuji, who will become the champion, will beat them at their own game."

On February 1st, the ownership changed, and Noah became a new system.
"In the past several years, we have had new structures, but Noah is where I am".

Noah's face is not going to give way to Kiyomiya.

Link to original article from NK Sports\Yahoo Japan (in Japanese)
Picture credit: NK Sports\Yahoo Japan

*Setsubun is the Japanese festival of spring. It is traditional to throw roasted soya beans to expel the demons of misfortune. Several Japanese promotions always get together and send their wrestlers to participate. The tradition was started by Jumbo Tsuruta.
** Buddhist temple south of Tokyo