(NOAH) POST MATCH PROMOS ~ "Navigation For The Future 2019" FINAL NIGHT ~ Korakuen Hall (Friday, February 1st 2019)


Q: Why did you come out to stop The Hooligans?
INOUE: You cannot use a chair on rookies. Chairs are not good because they are rookies. That kind of thing is weak, its bullying.
Q: You are fired by a sense of justice?
INOUE: Naturally. I just did it.
Q: You would fight The Hooligans to stand up to them?
INOUE: I have to make a few changes.

"The first match since I announced the challenge in Osaka is over, when I was in Osaka, he was in a position to "take up the challenge". Otherwise, I have nothing to say to him, so I didn't used a microphone. However, I have two important wishes for Noah. I said that I was going to "create a situation to recieve". The first one, is the wish of whether or not I will get the title match on Match 10th in Yokohama. Although several days have passed since then, they have not announced it so far. That is the first request, is Noah doing it, right? It is impossible to ask for the second, if you do not listen to the first. I want to do it, I won't do it without it. I expect to hear from Pro Wrestling Noah."

KUMANO: Did you see it, it was our first defense?
OHARA: It was a difference from Harada and Tadasuke, Hi69, Minoru Tanaka and Yoshinari Ogawa, it is a different taste to the current Noah Juniors now...

(Kotaro Suzuki and Yoshinari Ogawa come in)

KOTARO SUZUKI'S comment doesn't really translate well, the best I can render is that he is saying something like the value of the belt is lowered if you think that was a hard fight.
KUMANO: Beat it!

*A fight breaks out and Ogawa and Ohara do their best to break it up*

KOTARO: Come on! Lets do it!
KUMANO: Hey! Any time! Go fuck yourself, asshole!

*Ogawa and Kotaro leave*

KUMANO: Kotaro Suzuki! I will fight you for this belt! I'll do it, asshole!
OHARA: I was surprised for a moment. But then as I thought it would be Kumano and Kotaro, especially after the introduction (rough.) I wonder what they are up to...I think we should do it now, Kotaro Suzuki and Yoshinari Ogawa will be the opponents of the next match. Muy Bien for today.

ISHII: It doesn't make much sense if you don't win. It was exciting though. It was good after a long time, but feeling so burned out is terrible. I was happy, but without victory, there is no meaning. They are still the champions aren't they? So from now on I will keep track of their rise in Noah. Without exception its meaningless, just rising is not satisfying. It doesn't matter if you just go to the promotion that you have been seeing for a long time. One day I will taste the comfort of winning the belt there.
IWASAKI: To be honest, the confidence acquired was unbelievable. Ishii and I had two pre-matches, we got a good response and got confidence. We may have lost and become the lowest rung among the Noah juniors on the tag front, but if there is a a chance I say we continue, we win, we get the number one contender and we get the belt.
ISHII: Lets do it.
IWASAKI: This is the best ring I think, it makes you strong.
ISHII: I want the belt even more.
IWASAKI: Within the year...lets go all at once. We might have fallen, but we can win again and go for the GHC. We will not give up. Thank you.

Q: How was your return?
MARUFUJI: Although I was unnerved by a surprise attack at the start, it would be a lie for me to say that I wasn't concerned about my leg, in spite of that, I wasn't really anxious. I'm okay. My shoulder is in better condition, you heard the sound of the chop, didn't you?
Q: You were meant to be going to the finals at Global League, but you were missing, and Kiyomiya won the GHC Heavyweight belt.
MARUFUJI: I forgot I was injured. I forgot it all at the end of year party. I felt new things, and I will not drag up old things. Watch. I will show you that I am in a stronger place than Kiyomiya.

STORM: 2nd time tag team champions! From now on I think a variety of things will change in Pro Wrestling Noah, but one thing that won't change is that 50 Funky Powers are the Tag Team Champions! Ichiban Tag Team!
YONE: Last year, there were a lot of bad things, like intervention! But, this is not a world that is infested with evil! This is the bright and fun wrestling of 50 Funky Powers. The world is crazy without us becoming tag team champions. I think the result is the belt!
Q: Will you accept the challenge of Kotoge and Edwards?
YONE: I think Edwards doesn't understand the meaning of "Revolution". I think the "Revolution" in Kotoge's head is different from the one that Eddie thinks. I think I am going to have fun.
STORM: No-one knows what "Revolution" means. I don't think he even knows. BUT, Eddie Edwards is coming back, and finally we can do a match! Victory! Lets do it.
Q: Global Tag League starts in April?
YONE: Yes! This year we will be the champions of the tag league and win all of it!
Q: This years best tag team is 50 Funky Powers!
YONE: We will aim for it!
STORM: Cannot stop!
YONE: Won't stop!
YONE & STORM: Goin'...goin'...goin'...goin!!

KAZMA: Hey! Sugiura, Marufuji, Saito! You came today? Don't be silly (rough as it doesn't translate well)
NAGAI: Koopa Troopers, you didn't have to come out this time!!
KAZMA: I told you Sugiura, you can't take back what you said! If we lose to you, we will break up, but if you lose, Sugiura will become a slave of The Hooligans. Lick my boots, wash Nagai's costume. You will do various things! Clean Hino's back!
HINO: I'll accept that.
KAZMA: You can wash both costumes and heads! Because you are our slave! Don't think you can win against us with such a shitty team!
HINO: I don't know any of their names...

"It's funny. I did not expect Eddie to join me, but I am reassured about it. He is the former GHC Heavyweight champion. A glittery belt to go with this gold costume will come to me. I will piggyback on Eddie! .. Ha, ha, well, I want to do something different with Noah. The revolutionary cloak army is growing.

Q: Despite the knee attack and the suplex, how would you look back on the fight against Kitamiya?
KIYOMIYA: I knew from the pre-matches that it would be a tough fight, and that I could not afford to give up on the belt, so I endured the pain in spite of nausea.
Q: After the match you were challenged by Marufuji, and you said that "I thought you would come?"
KIYOMIYA: Marufuji is always the best, I thought that he would aim for the belt at this time, when he arrived in the ring, I said as I thought. But, I cannot give up the belt here. I cannot turn back to that era. I will definitely defend the belt. I will always protect the belt. Also, Kitamiya said, "he is only a young student" before the match, but since I entered the dojo I had a dream that one day I would have a title match with Kitamiya, and today I broke through a shell and took a step forward today. I will not give this belt to anyone, I will go as far as I can with it. Thank you.

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