(NOAH\DDT) Press conference, Naomichi Marufuji vs Tetsuya Endo

9th February 2019

ENDO: I have known the name of my opponent, Marufuji, for a long time, and I have wanted to fight in a single. He has recently just returned (from injury), so I guess his condition is somewhat better. I want my match to be followed sufficiently.
MARUFUJI: This time I will be participating in a singles match with Endo at Sumo Hall. I don't know why this is the condescending attitude towards my being injured, but each time I do get injured, I come back in a condition beyond what I was before. There is no need to worry about it especially. I am looking forward to the match purely because I can see its great potential.

Q: Endo, what will be your plan of attack? (rough)
ENDO: Maybe it is because I have the overwhelming physical predominance? In addition, like I said in the interview when the card was decided (it was in writing), "I will teach you what you are lacking", and I look forward to that. Tell me, I want to know, speaking like a woman, what Marufuji's motivation is (very rough).
Q: Marufuji, you have listened to what he just said
MARUFUJI: In speaking like a girl?
Q: Endo said that
MARUFUJI: Well, because he is evidently able to win with his overwhelming physicality, I can only win by speaking like a girl. Have you been drinking?
ENDO: Alcohol...alcohol obstructs the biochemistry of proteins, so not really. If you drink too much then muscle...

*A timer sounds*

ENDO: Sorry.
MARUFUJI: This is a press conference.
ENDO (starts putting his lunch on the table): I drink alcohol in appropriate amounts.
IMABAYASHI: That is...
ENDO: Beef
IMABAYASHI: It's time then?
ENDO: The alarm rang
IMABAYASHI: Couldn't you do this later?
ENDO: I don't care.
MARUFUJI: Hang on. This isn't right. Wipe your hands before eating!

*Marufuji hands over a wet-wipe*

ENDO: Ah, thank you. There is a lot of influenza around.
MARUFUJI: Your not getting out of the match with it (rough).
ENDO: That's right. A great singles match.

Q: Marufuji, formerly you had a match in the KO-D tag, so what was your impression at the time?
MARUFUJI: I thought he was a good wrestler and....

*Marufuji notices that Endo is taking out Wasabi and sprinkling it*

MARUFUJI: What is that?
ENDO: Furikake​
MARUFUJI: The taste?
ENDO: Delicious
MARUFUJI (trying some): It's good.

Q: So, what was your impression about the match at the KO-D tag?
MARUFUJI: As I mentioned earlier, I think he is wonderful. But, by having matches with younger wrestlers, my growth which has ended, may be able to go up another step.

Link to original article from Noah.co.jp (in Japanese)
Furikake​: a dry Japanese condiment meant to be sprinkled on top of rice

Picture credit: Noah.co.jp