(NOAH) Kaito Kiyomiya resolves to "lead with strong feelings"

NK Sports\Yahoo Japan
11th March 2019

Pro Wrestling Noah's GHC Heavyweight champion, Kaito Kiyomiya (22), held a morning interview at the office in Tokyo.
Kiyomiya fought against Naomichi Marufuji at the Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium on March 10th. After a fight of more than thirty minutes, he fulfilled his third defense.

Noah has a new owner, and on the event of the 10th, the logo of the group, and the color of the mat, which can be said to be a synonym of the promotion since the days of Mitsuharu Misawa, changed from green to white and black. At the competition, which became a new voyage, he proved his ability as the face of the group.

Kiyomiya said, "it was the biggest thing I have ever had. I was challenged, and did not lose the match, and being backed by the crowd at the venue I was able to win."

Although he defeated Marufuji, a senior seen as Noah's ikon, he said, "I felt his magnitude in the match. The new Noah has started and is in a position to be led at the start, and I want to lead with strong feelings".

After the match the previous day, he declared a united front with Kenoh.
Declaring a new battle Kiyomiya said, "in order to create a new scene in Noah, not one person, but great power was necessary. I have fought many times with Kenoh, and felt his power was necessary. First of all, we will go to Global Tag League, win the championship and stand at the top of Noah. After that, of course, we will also challenge for the tag titles".

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