(NOAH) "Kenoh and I will stand at the top and change the setting" ~ Kaito Kiyomiya interview

11th March 2019 

Q: How do you look back on Yokohama last night?
Kiyomiya: Yesterday's match was the biggest match I have ever had, although I was challenged, I did not lose and I was able to win by the cheers and support for me.

Q: You faced Marufuji in the title match?
Kiyomiya: Once again, I felt the amazing strength of Marufuji, and the magnitude of his existence.

Q: How was the new white mat?
Kiyomiya: It was amazingly refreshing, and new things will begin...I think that it is a color that has not been tinted yet by anything, so with various matches and various memories, I think it will become a really interesting ring.

Q: Although it is a competition that is the start of a new regime, looking back over it all, what are your impressions?
Kiyomiya: It is said that the "New Noah has begun". I want to lead with a strong feeling from now on.

Q: You have reunited with Kenoh to build a new scene, and have decided to participate in the tag league?
Kiyomiya: I said yesterday that first I have to create a new scene in Noah more than more. To do that, I can't do it by my self, I need a greater power too, so that is Kenoh...I have fought with Kenoh in the past, but for now, we are going to join Global League. However, even if I sat we will tag, I don't think we are going to make friends. If I don't pay attention while relying on Kenoh, I will be outdone, I am going to be careful in tag league.

Q: Until now you had been calling Kenoh with the suffix "san", why did you stop that?
Kiyomiya: I am aware that I am now at the top of Noah, so I dared to address him like that.

Q: If the tag league becomes a consecutive win, even if you are the single champion, will you lead the league yourself?
Kiyomiya: Kenoh and I will stand at the top of Noah, so winning the tag league is the first step, and from there, I want to change various views. Now I feel that I have the most momentum ever, and along with Kenoh's frustration, it has accumulated accordingly. I knew it from looking at the match yesterday, we want to explode.

Q: What are you looking forward to in Global Tag League?
Kiyomiya: The tag belt. Kenoh and I will take the belts, and we will lead Noah.

Q: The participants in Global Tag League were announced, but what teams do you care about?
Kiyomiya: Of course the champions, "AXIZ", Nakajima & Shiozaki. If we win, we can stand at the top with the tags. In the league matches, we will break through the walls ourselves.

Q: Will you prove that in both name and reality, that you will play the leading part in the new generation of Noah by taking the GHC double crown?
Kiyomiya: It starts at the top. We cannot lead unless we are there. Kenoh and I will stand at the top and change the setting more and more.

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