(NOAH) Naomichi Marufuji reviews "Bomb Gum"

14th February 2017

Hello everyone! It is Marufuji of Pro-Wrestling Noah! Why am I trying out this kind of product today? Well, lets just say that although you cannot escape victory or defeat as a pro wrestler, pro-wrestlers are not all-powerful. We feel pain, shed tears...love and hate, its natural.
So, should I try to eat these?

This is today's challenge; Bomb Level Gum, the strongest level being 10 GRENADES!! This is what I found when I searched for "the most spicy gum in the world".

Even though it is only a gum, it has a scary name!
The picture on the package..this is scary!

It looks like this when you see it. Is this a grenade?

Anyway, lets do this.
First of all, it says in English that it was made in the United States.
At the top it reads "BLAST FACTOR 10 MAX!"
The notation says that it is probably 10 out of 10, which is the strongest on the levels of pain.
There were two bags, both at 10...it's inevitable...lets open it...

Unexpectedly ordinary looking

There are about 30.
It doesn't look too bad in appearance. It would look more dangerous if the shape was like a hand grenade like on the package.
Before eating the gum which may be the most spicy in the world, I am going to compare it with eating Japan's spicy gum, "Black Black", which I usually eat. I'm not scared to eat this.

Black Black Gum

I think everyone knows that the standard product for drivers is the refreshing dry mint gum to keep you awake.
It is always a hard time....

Of course the color is black
This is the opposite of the Bomb Gum, it is a battle of white gum vs black gum.

I am going to eat the standard "Black Black"

It's not too bad to eat too much at once when its a comparison of eating products!

When tasted in this way, it is both delicious and painful. I soon felt awake and thought to myself that I didn't want to eat a gum equivalent to a hot bomb. I don't think that such pain is good for the body, but it can't be helped.
I guess I should eat it?

I will eat it.

Suddenly, I cannot put it in my mouth.

I have a bad feeling....the smell is...hmm...there is a strong smell of mint but....well....okay...a gum hand grenade in my mouth.


Hmm? It's large...hmm! HMM!!

Is this harder than the black?
For a moment it was and....SPICY! This is painful! The heat is more intense than the "Black Black" I are a little while ago! All at once it bursts from your mouth and nose!
But if you endure it, it calms down and becomes sweeter. It was an endurance challenge, and I managed to beat myself!

This must be tasted by other wrestlers...

Lets look at how they react.

First of all, Mohammed Yone!

"Oh! Hot! Hot! But it is refreshing, and I may love it!"

As I expected from Mr. Afro.

The next is Kotoge from Osaka

"Spicy! Really spicy! What is this?"

Not so funny comments.

Also from Osaka, Harada.

"Sorry, it's painful"

Harada, who is usually poker faced, pulled this...but the moment I looked away, he returned to his normal expression.
I asked him what he thought.
"Sorry, I spat it out".
What a guy!

Ishimori at the end.

Ishimori basically screamed and said his abdomen has collapsed.

It is something that you should not give your children. It was so hot it made the "Black Black" feel sweet...if you are sleepy and normal gum does not wake you up, or if you want the experience, by all means try it!"

Picture credit: Kakumag.com