(NOAH) "Spring Navigation 2019" ~ autograph schedule

The wrestler (or wrestlers) who will come out and sign autographs for twenty minutes before the show starts are always announced in advance via the main site. There will also be a wrestler who will come out during the interval, and one or two (or more) who will come out afterwards.
Naturally, these are all subject to injury, card change and availability, so Noah may announce a change at the last moment.
Two wrestlers will often appear if the event or the venue is expected to be a big one that will attract a lot of people.

The schedule announced for "Spring Navigation 2019" is:

March 16th, Matsuyama City: Kenoh (16.40)
March 17th, Hakata Star Lane: Go Shiozaki (16.25) & Naomichi Marufuji (16.40)*
March 19th, Osaka World Hall: Daisuke Harada (18.40)
March 20th, Toyonaka City Rose Culture Hall: HAYATA (18.10)
March 21st, Kanazawa Distribution Agency: Katsuhiko Nakajima (14:40)

Name has not been announced yet for Korakuen Hall
Daisuke Harada is local to Osaka.
There will be two people in Hakata Stalene as this will be the last time Noah visit the venue as it is scheduled to be demolished. Go Shiozaki won the GHC Heavyweight championship here for the first time in the aftermath of Mitsuharu Misawa's death, as the title was vacated by Jun Akiyama due to injury.

Terms & Conditions, Rules & Etiquette

~ The wrestlers will only sign goods purchased at the venue i.e. t-shirts, products a logo on them, portrait photos, photo books.
~ Please have your ticket with you when you bring your item to be signed (this is to prevent people who aren't going to see the event and just want an autograph, from stopping those who are)
~ Please don't ask to have your picture taken with the wrestler doing the signing as they are only there for a short period, and usually seeing a lot of people in a limited time, they will be happy to during the interval or afterwards. Feel free to exchange a few words with them though.

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