"Iron-man" Kobashi sends encouragement to favorite pupil, "KENTA! Use your instincts, and go wild!

11th June 2019
Tokyo Sports

Former Noah iron-man, Kenta Kobashi (52), held his production show "Fortune Dream 6" at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo on the 10th, and sent his favorite pupil, KENTA, encouragement as he decided to return to the Japanese mat.

KENTA, who left the WWE in February, and had been attracting attention for a while, appeared at New Japan's Osaka event on the 9th and announced his participation in the "G1 Climax".
KENTA, who had once been the second as a new trainee, has been injected with philosophy inside and outside the ring.
Even after his retirement in May 2013, Kobashi continued to keep in touch and immediately after leaving WWE he said he had sent a message saying, "If you are sure you want to return again, do your best", he received a response saying "I cannot end it in this way."

Kobashi said that although the newly selected battlefield is not the old Noah, he said about New Japan, "I think it was a tough decision, but I want you to make progress on that decision. No matter what ring you choose, I will support you, because it is the path that you have chosen."
What he expects more than anything else, is the hope above all that he will be someone who is energetic enough to be creative, and think outside the box.
"In the WWE, the various techniques were restricted, and were becoming smaller and smaller. From now, I want you to use your instincts, and go wild."
Furthermore, "I believe that KENTA will always have an active role in New Japan. I want you to go out and get the results, captivate by what is in the match, and let New Japan fans think "KENTA is great", and that will be a reward to Noah".

Can he meet the expectations of his teacher?

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