(NOAH) 10 years after Misawa's death, Noah's full house, and a limited resurrection of the green mat

Daily Co.Jp
9th June 2019

Pro Wrestling Noah, 9th June Korakuen Hall

Noah commemorated the 10th anniversary of the passing of its founder Mitsuharu Misawa (46) who died om June 13th 2009, with the "Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial 2019" which took place in Tokyo in front of a crowded house of 1,710 people.

In March of this year, Noah changed the logo of the promotion that had been since Misawa, they also changed the canvas of the ring from green to white, but on this day there was a limited revival of the green mat.

At the pre-match ceremony, Mitsuharu Misawa's entrance song, "Spartan X" flowed with the ring announcer calling, "in the red corner"...and at Misawa's name, an infinite number of green paper tape was thrown into the empty ring.

In the semifinals held before the maim GHC Heavyweight Championship, entitled "Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial Match", the current "Symbol of Noah", Naomichi Marufuji faced the last tag partner of Mitsuharu Misawa ten years ago, Go Shiozaki, in a singles match.
Marufuji's entrance gown had a long collar like Misawa.
The match was a fierce battle which bought out techniques such as the Emerald Flowsion and the Rolling Elbow, that were hallmarks of Misawa.

Lastly, Shiozaki won the round in 17 minutes and 6 seconds with the Gowan lariat.
Afterwards, taking the microphone, Shiozaki spoke on the microphone and swore a resurrection of The Ark to to Misawa's portrait to "make Noah the best promotion in the world".

The Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial 2019 in Osaka, will be held at the Edion Arena 2nd Stadium in Osaka on the 13th, the anniversary of Misawa's death. Shiozaki will participate in the GHC Tag Championship. "I feel it is destiny to defend on Misawa's anniversary" he said.

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