Q: You said there is something on your mind, has there been anything recently?
KENOH: There is big news. I have been thinking about Kongoh recently, but there is another big event
Q: What is it?
KENOH: The Mirais has had its inspection
Q: Really?
KENOH: It was the other day by Daihatsu in Saitama
Q: 2 -3 months ago you "announced" "leaving Mirais" in this serial
KENOH: It is a lifetime of Mirais announcements!
Q: You were also going to buy a new car at this time I think.
KENOH: I could not buy a new car, I have love for Mirais. I have been driving it for seven years. I didn't feel like letting it go. I went into the store and got a two years point package*.
Q: What do you like about Mirais?
KENOH: It's small, cute and excellent at maneuverability​. Recently, I drove to Meiji University through Inokashira Street, and it would have been useless if I was in another car. Inokashira is famous for its narrow lanes. I was driving there thinking I was glad of the Mirais.
Q: You work as a coach twice a week for the Nippon Kempo club.
KENOH: A normal car runs pretty well, but Mirais is a winner. You can drive it on Inokashira street.
Q (laughing): By the way, why did you buy a Mirais first?
KENOH (smile): Out of instinct. I thought of a Japanese car due to its performance and fuel efficiency, plus the inspection is cheaper. After all, Japanese cars are the best. Professional athletes get good cars to show the fans their dreams, I think. In the beginning I thought it would be nice to buy a foreign car, but I have a very attached character. Even for Noah, I love it, so I created the rebel group, Kongoh. I have the same attachment to Noah as well as to Mirais. Kongoh does not want to be easily controlled by Noah's parent company, LIDET Entertainment. We do not want to lose the feeling of Noah, and so its like a car inspection. (Rest does not translate well)
Q: You have connected this to professional wrestling.
KENOH: According to intelligence from the Kenoh Network, which is secretly dispatched to each promotion, somewhere a president of a promotion has looked down his nose at me about driving a Mirais. Well, there is a reason behind my idea. "To show the fans a dream, I need a good car". I will not let go of my attachment, but I am thinking of buying a second hand luxury car.
Q: Do you have the car you want in mind?
KENOH: It is not the car I want so much, anything will do as long as I can drive it. (Kenoh likens seeing car carriers and it being like choosing clothes, you want something you can move easily in)
Q: In Noah, Naomichi Marufuji and Takashi Sugiura drive luxury cars.
KENOH: Then I want a Benz Slope* when it comes to it.
Q: Oh, like someone drives...
KENOH: That someone drives*. I have a dream that if I raise Noah, I will buy a second car. Speaking of foreign cars, recently a large promotion has been formed in the United States.
Q: All Elite Wrestling (AEW)
KENOH: The scale of it is amazing. It was mentioned on the cover of last weeks "Weekly Pro", and on the back it was said that WCW was going to be broadcast. I wonder if Noah will be resurrected on terrestrial. I am thankful that the number of replays on G+ has increased. As AEW may break the strong state that WWE has had for the last twenty years. Wrestling in Japan also comes at a time when it is necessary to change the diagram. If you want to make it more exciting, then it is useless if the only strength comes from New Japan. If NTV can broadcast Noah, then in a true sense, Noah can become a rival.
Q: Lastly, there is also Kongoh to bring out?
KENOH: Firstly, there is the place that I will take all the assholes who cheer me back to.
Q: What car will you be driving?
KENOH: The Mirais of course...but I would like to say, that I will be driving to the Nippon Budokan in a second hand luxury car!

Article translated from "Weekly Pro" 
Picture credit, "Weekly Pro"

*I'm not sure what this is, I think he means warranty.
*Kind of a Mercedes Benz hummer (I think)
*Naomichi Marufuji