(NOAH) Event recap ~ Saturday 22nd June 2019, Nagano Arcs, Nagano ("NOAH the SPIRIT 2019, Night Two)

Noah arrived in Nagano today on what looks like a brand new tour bus. Nagano has had a rough week, as an earthquake triggered a Tsunami warning and an evacuation of coastal towns. Fortunately, the damage was relatively mild with the Shinkansen stopping (its passengers were evacuated), and some households losing power, and with much relief, the sea only swelling in some places. Sadly there were reports of injuries and landslides in some areas, and Nagano suffered some structural damage in places.

I am afraid that I don't have too much information on today's event, so in some places more than others, I have only been able to give results.

Daisuke Harada vs Kinya Okada
WINNER: Daisuke Harada with the brainbuster (7 minutes and 36 seconds)

Fifty Funky Powers (Mohammed Yone & Quiet Storm) vs The Return of The Dark Agents (Akitoshi Saito & Masao Inoue) 
WINNER: Quiet Storm with the 50cm Lariat on Masao Inoue (9 minutes and 50 seconds)

Takashi Sugiura vs Hitoshi Kumano

Kumano very excited ahead of their first singles match, and said that hasn't slept as he's so happy (Sugiura is his hero). His hero, Sugiura, however spent the afternoon taking a picture of Masao Inoue at the urinal.

WINNER: Takashi Sugiura with the Olympic Slam (12 minutes and 11 seconds)

Naomichi Marufuji vs Junta Miyawaki

Naturally, Junta came out with a red chest after being chopped (the sound echoed around the venue)

WINNER: Naomichi Marufuji with the Perfect Key Lock submission (11 minutes and 58 seconds)

After the match, Marufuji went to shake hands with Miyawaki. Miyawaki refused!

The Sugiura Army (KAZMA SAKAMOTO & Hajime Ohara) vs AXIZ (Katsuhiko Nakajima & Go Shiozaki)
WINNER: Go Shiozaki with the lariat on Hajime Ohara (12 minutes, 48 seconds)

Stinger (Yoshinari Ogawa, Kotaro Suzuki & Chris Ridgeway) vs RATELS (HAYATA, YO-HEY & Tadasuke)
WINNER: Yoshinari Ogawa with the Boston Crab on YO-HEY (16 minutes, 26 seconds)

After the match Daisuke Harada got in the ring to try and calm Tadasuke down, who was yelling at YO-HEY, but Tadasuke (who is all ready in Global Junior League mode) walked off angrily, leaving the other three watching him and looking at each other.

Tadasuke later posted on Twitter, "Disappointed. Sorry".

Kaito Kiyomiya, Maybach Taniguchi, Minoru Tanaka & Hi69 vs Kongoh (Kenoh, Masa Kitamiya, Atsushi Kotoge & Yoshiki Inamura)
WINNER: Kenoh with the diving footstamp on Hi69 (14 minutes, 57 seconds)

ATTENDANCE: 219 people (full)
WITH THANKS TO: Shishikazu