Global Junior League (or Global Junior Heavyweight League as it was once known) is run in the same way as Global Heavyweight League.
Participating wrestlers are divided into two blocks, A and B, each match will last thirty minutes. The league is run in a round-robin style. The two wrestlers who have scored the highest in each block will meet to determine the winner, who will then challenge the GHC Junior Heavyweight champion for the title.
There is nothing to prevent the GHC Junior Heavyweight champion from participating. Should he find himself in the finals either the match will be a title match, or if his opponent wins, he will be eligible for a shot at the title. More likely the highest scorer from the block will meet the second highest scorer from the opposing block.

Global Junior League has been run three times, once in 2009 (won by Yoshinobu Kanemaru) and last in 2015 (won by Daisuke Harada). It was YO-HEY who asked for its return after winning Global Junior Tag League 2018 (which was won by Kotaro Suzuki), and the league now looks to be a permanent fixture.

Win: 2 points
Draw: 1 point
Defeat: 0 points (teams who cannot compete for whatever reason, even due to injury, will automatically lose against their opponents and receive 0 points for each match unable to be fought)

2019 TEAMS

A Block
Minoru Tanaka
Daisuke Harada
Yoshinari Ogawa
Junta Miyawaki

B Block
Kotaro Suzuki
Hajime Ohara
Hitoshi Kumano
Chris Ridgeway


Thursday 27th June 2019, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo ~ 18.30
Saturday 29th June 2019, Shimada City, Ishikawa General Sports Center ~ 17:00
Saturday 6th July 2019, Wind Bell House, Niigata ~ 17.50
Friday 12th July 2019, Sakura public gymnasium sub arena, Yokosuka ~ 18:30
Monday 15th July 2019, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo ~ 11.30
Tuesday 16th July 2019, New Lily Twenty One Hall ~ 18.30
Friday 19th July 2019, Morioka Stadium ~ 18.00
Saturday 20th July 2019, Serion plaza ~ 16.00
Sunday 21st July 2019, Mutsu Grand Hotel ~ 15.00
Saturday 27th July 2019, Culttz Kawasaki ~ 17:00


Can the GHC Junior Heavyweight champion enter? What about any other champions?
Yes, there is nothing barring him from entry (and Minoru Tanaka, who is the current GHC Junior champion has entered), although obviously the champion cannot chose their challengers. Should the champion win the league, no one wins the right to challenge by winning the league.
The league is open only to the junior division.

What happens if the GHC Junior Champion wins?
They will face whoever came in first in points after them

Is this being televised? If so, where can I watch it?
The opening night of the league will be broadcast at Friday 5th July on Samurai. I am afraid that no further dates have been announced.

If you are outside of Japan then you can watch whatever dates they do air, through ForJoyTV. If you do subscribe, then I suggest purchasing a Amazon FireStick to watch through your television.
An app is available on iPhone

I am afraid I do not have any information about when the last night (or any other nights) will be televised. Sadly, Noah have not as yet regained their weekly television show.

If you have any further questions I would be happy to answer, either post in the comments below, or ask me at @Hi5ame on Twitter.