(NOAH) "Its been ten years since Mitsuharu Misawa died" ~ Keiji Mutoh's memories.

21st June 2019
Yahoo Japan

On the 20th June, Keiji Mutoh posted on Twitter to remember Mitsuharu Misawa, who died aged 46, suddenly in an accident during a match on June 13th 2009.
On the 31st October 2004, Mutoh made his first tag with Misawa at his debut anniversary of twenty years held at Sumo Hall. They won against Kensuke Sasaki and Hiroshi Hase.
Mutoh uploaded a picture of the two commemorative figures created for the event and said, "I accidentally found these at home. It's been ten years since Mitsuharu Misawa died. I feel nostalgic".
A follower responded to his tweet with, "I do not have the words, but I would like to say this to Mr. Mutoh. A singles match between Keiji Mutoh & Mitsuharu Misawa, has become a "dream that will never come true" for wrestling fans. I wanted it to happen somehow...had he lived, I would have wanted to have seen it. I am mourning at the Misawa call*. My two favorite wrestlers. The two who made me devoted to wrestling. My best two. I was so excited to see you both in the same ring. Ten years has gone so fast. However, even if it was only a tag, it was good to see Mutoh and Misawa's bond!"

There were many comments to commemorate Misawa.

*When he is called to the ring at the memorial

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