(NOAH) The last farewell to Misawa

13th June 2019
Tokyo Sports

This year, the 13th will be the tenth anniversary of the death of Noah's founder, Mitsuharu Misawa.
A memorial event will be held at the Edion Arena 2nd Stadium Osaka, and the GHC Tag Championship will be held.

This paper reported the tragedy that hit the wrestling world on June 13th 2009, "Noah's president, Mitsuharu Misawa, hit his head during the GHC Tag Championship at the Hiroshima Prefectural Gymnasium event on the 13th. At 10.10pm, cardiac arrest was confirmed and he could not be revived. He was 46 years old. The cause of death has been given as "cervical spinal cord dissection".

Four days before the accident, Misawa left words that could be seen as a "last request" to this newspaper.
On the 9th, at the Numazu event, Misawa was apparently unwell before the match. According to the interview he said, "I will be 46 soon? I can't do this until 48. I want to quit now. I feel tired. I wonder how long I have to do it."
The words to want to retire was a daily alarm, but the sense of urgency was different. He was clearly feeling the changes and limitations on his body, and confessed his intention to retire. In addition to the problems with the old knees and hips, he had bone spurs in the neck and had been plagued by a visual impairment in his right eye since 2007.
He was asked, "are you going to take a break?"
Misawa responded, "That would not be good. If I rest just once, I would not be able to return. Also, I have to put Shiozaki over. I want to get the tag title".
After raising the young, he was going to pull out. Misawa's goal as wrestler was set.

After hearing this from Misawa ib Numazu, it was revealed by an official to this reporter that "the president is not well this tour. The day before Numazu in Hachioji, he came out of the waiting room before the match, and I was surprised at how he looked."
I wanted a miracle to occur, and for Misawa to live longer than he did.

On the 13th, Go Shiozaki will stand in the ring in the main event as the tag champion, who could not be crowned with Misawa.

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