(NOAH) Mini interview with YO-HEY (Global Junior League, 21st June 2019)

Q: Global Junior Tag League 2019 is now over, and you had to miss some time (due to pneumothorax), how have you been since the tour finished?
YO-HEY: I don't know what would happen, but there were no particular issues. The lungs have been targeted, and although there has been damage in each match, I don't feel like is torn again and I feel completely full of life.

Q: In the league you had a painful start and then continous losses, you made a resurgnence to the finals?
YO-HEY: I was anxious that I would be blamed because my lungs, and so my situation was desperate. But, I believed that there was still a possibility of winning, and little by little that feeling returned. When we got the victory over Tanaka and Hi69 at Korakuen, I already thought we would win the third victory.
Q: Although you lost the final match in Osaka on June 13th?
YO-HEY: I don't want to say this, but it was extremely tough. I used three "Face G", and I was honestly surprised. I think for them they were so strong on that special day, and that is where we lost. I felt this in the match.

Q: The Tiger Driver '91, which was a secret strategy, was used?
YO-HEY: I had no idea what was happening, and I thought that my head was broken, not my lungs.

Q: Global Junior League 2019 starts at Korakuen Hall on June 27th?
YO-HEY: I still regret that I could not win the Tag League for the third time, and I can't say that I have had conquests in the single league. Like last year, I don't want to disappoint and my mind is renewed. This year on winning second place, it is best to win the championship this time, and I want to show somewhere that even singles have a power.

Q: You have entered into A block. The block is severe with the GHC Junior Champion, the Junior Tag Champion and two members of RATELS have entered?
YO-HEY: Everyone is worried. Above all, beating Daisuke Harada is the same goal as beating Stinger, so I am most aware of the 27th June at Korakuen Hall (against Daisuke Harada). Before when I faced the champion Tanaka, I took the win directly in the tag, so I want to take it in a single. In last years league I took the pin, and I want to do the same this year. The other block is Kotaro Suzuki, who I want revenge on. If this years performance goes well, then I would like to go to the finals, and fight with a grudge for the tag league finals and the finals of last year, then I will come closer to the belt, which I want to take by any means.

Q: Thank you for your enthusiasm
YO-HEY: Look out for the Noah Junior's hot hot midsummer singles league! Please expect this! In the meantime, I will butterfly in this rice field!

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Picture credit: Noah.co.jp