(NOAH) Ogawa & Kotaro gain their first victory in Junior Tag League

On the 13th June in Osaka at the "Mitsuharu Misawa memorial event", in the Global Junior Tag League finals, the GHC Junior Tag Champions, Yoshinari Ogawa (52) and Kotaro Suzuki (40) faced and defeated second place runners up YO-HEY (31) and HAYATA (31). They blocked their third consecutive victory, and gained their first victory.

The two people who were closest to the late Mitsuharu Misawa (46), showed exquisite cooperation today. After 20 minutes, Kotaro took the Super Face G by YO-HEY and the Bamboo Butterfly, which Ogawa came to the rescue with a backdrop. Finally, Kotaro defeated YO-HEY with the Tiger Driver 91 following the running elbow.

For Kotaro, he revealed that this is the first time he has participated in the memorial event.
"I was embarrased to come home. Ogawa wants to be the high wall of the Noah juniors".

Ogawa, who held the microphone in the ring (which is uncommon) said, "I want to ask everbody to please remember that there was a wrestler named Mitsuharu Misawa". In addition, it was announced that the British technique, Chris Ridgeway (35) will join Stinger.

The semi memorial match, Shuhei Taniguchi (42) defeated Naomichi Marufuji (39) with a variant camel consolidation, earned a star.
Taniguchi, who is combined with the late Atsushi Aoki (41) who died on the 3rd, wore blue on his right arm, and a green wrist band on his left arm, he also showed off his ally's "Assault Point".

Taniguchi has vowed that he will rise to the GHC front saying, "various thoughts have pushed me forward"

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