(NOAH) POST MATCH INTERVIEWS ~ Global Junior Tag League 2019, FINAL NIGHT (13th June, Edion Arena 2nd Stadium) ~ MITSUHARU MISAWA MEMORIAL NIGHT


"It was our first match for the first time in two months. I don't know what to think about him, but I felt his strength in seeking to win. It is unique, we contemporaries. As for myself, well I will seek strength as Kongoh, but as Okada will fight on his own, we will work hard together and become stronger."


Q: You have returned for the first time in two months?
OKADA: Even when I was absent, I was asked to watch practice. I was going to practice too, but in the ring itself, the feeling was different, and I felt I was able to show the difference to Inamura.
Q: In only two months, you have felt the difference in him?
OKADA: Yes. Although he is a rookie, Inamura has joined Kongo. I think there is a lot of backlash being a trainee in a group of dissidents, but I think he will do his best with nourishment. As for me, well I will do my best from the bottom, and aim to rise higher.
Q: What do you have your sights on?
OKADA: In today's match, I had the feeling that it wasn't enough; stamina, power, technology etc, I want to do my best with the feeling that this is my re-debut.

FIFTY FUNKY POWERS (Mohammed Yone & Quiet Storm)

Q: Today ten years have passed since Misawa passed away?
YONE: It sounds long when you hear it has been ten years, but since died there has been no immersion in sentiment, there has been no choice but to finish the fight in front of you, and somehow boost Noah. I have been single minded about that for ten years. At Korakuen and today, without forgetting Misawa, these are the first steps to take wing as as new Noah.
STORM: I was not in Noah when Misawa was here. Among the Japanese wrestlers, he is the most respected. I am grateful to him for making this wonderful group, and I am grateful that I can wrestle here. Thank you.
Q: You fought with Saito today?
YONE: Ten years ago when Misawa died, I fought with Saito in Hakata on the Sunday. I saw him crying badly at the time of his entry, and I thought, "I can't stop you." (rough). I thought he was thoroughly defeated, but when you think about ten years later...I think there are still more things to come.
Q: You received an attack from Saito head on?
YONE: Yeah, didn't the customers also feel his emotions? I think that is something only Saito knows.
STORM: Yes, but Pro-Wrestling Noah will be number one in the world, and from now on, we will always keep going, 50 Funky Powers too. You know why? We can't stop!
YONE: Won't stop!
YONE & STORM: Goin'...Goin'...GOIN!!!


Q: Today has come round again, what are your thoughts on meeting it?
SAITO: That's right...June 13th is ten years to the day. Today what was "good" was that I was with Inoue, who was my first opponent when I came to Noah. Whether we tag or we fight, I go to the ring with someone who has made the same journey through Noah's history. The referee was Shu Nishinaga, the same one as ten years ago, and as it has been ten years on the green mat. there were many things to think of.
Q: (Question does not translate well as there isn't really an equivalent, but Saito is basically asked that he took the fall to show his determination)
SAITO: Although it has been ten years, my belief is that it is "any match".
Q: Inoue, it has been ten years since Misawa's death.
INOUE: To each his own thoughts, but in the case of Saito...our thoughts are incalculable. I'm not really sure what to say. 10 years...it has gone so quickly. Even now, Misawa is still alive me, and I still cannot believe it. I wonder sometimes if I will see him again somewhere.
Q: Saito, what have the past ten years been like?
SAITO: Ten years may sound like a long time, but every morning, not just on June 13th, I have never stopped praying each morning, and this will go on forever...I bear this on my back, and it is in my heart, but I don't think that President Misawa will be able to rest until I move on. The truth is, that had I won today I wanted to greet the crowd, but I'm sorry, I lost. While looking up the ceiling I was moved to tears when I thought, "Misawa, you saw this ten years ago today"...some emotions came out, but it wasn't in a bad way, it was a good meaning for then, when you look up at it, you could see the view. I made up my mind "I must get up". (In tears) Sorry, please excuse me. I didn't mean to do that. Thank you very much!


Q: Looking back on the match?
RIDGEWAY: Unfortunately, we could not go to the finals because we didn't have enough points, but I was happy to be able to make a new team with Hitoshi Kumano in the top junior league in the world. Usually, I am not a tag specialist, but it was good to team with Kumano. However, I am a "singles wrestler", so Kumano, lets meet in a single league match. Until then, lets train in the dojo doing bench presses and squats again, then lets fight, and show our strength.
Q: About that?
KUMANO: In this league, Chris won and I lost. Well, the next is the single league, we will face each other. I don't know what is to come, but I can only become stronger.


NOSAWA: HEY! Fukuda! He cannot work as a referee, he can't even referee. Misjudge! I guess I couldn't win. You are an inferior referee! Are there any more referees? Nishinaga is also inferior? What about Nakayama? Fukuda cannot do the job! Misjudge! It was a misjudge, Fukuda!
OHARA:...Chris was good.

KONGOH (Kenoh, Masa Kitamiya, Atsushi Kotoge & Yoshiki Inamura)

KENOH: HEY! Champion Kiyomiya! Have you reached the limit? It's like a guy in compulsory education who learns a few words and says it right away. It's amusing, isn't it? Have you reached your limit? Do you see the new view? What are you talking about? You have no originality. You don't have your own thoughts or beliefs. You are a company dog. Isn't that funny? Listen, Kongoh will make Noah more interesting from now on, we have our own thoughts and strong belief! I can always win against LIDET Entertainments dog, Kaito Kiyomiya. Lastly, I will say that it is Kongoh who will make Pro-Wrestling Noah shine like a diamond!
KITAMIYA: Lets go!

STINGER (Yoshinari Ogawa & Kotaro Suzuki)

Q: You have won the league as champions, what is your current state of mind?
KOTARO: I am sorry that I have suffered a defeat. It was true, I wanted to be unbeaten.
OGAWA: Like today, all the matches were won with Kotaro's help.
SUZUKI: That was because Ogawa's Korakuen magic has remained. I saw something good, but now it is my turn. But today, it was good for us to get such a result on the 13th June, the ten year anniversary of Misawa. 
Q: The Tiger Driver 91 came at the end?
KOTARO: I have a little obsession with the Tiger Driver. I intended to save it.
OGAWA: Even though it was snatched from Misawa's techniques
KOTARO: Ogawa, please say "inheritance", and not ripping it off. It is a legitimate inheritance.
Q: Is this the first time you have been to Noah on the anniversary?
KOTARO: No, but the memorial event is the first time. Well, I'm not sure, but today I can say I got results, and today I am likely to drink delicious High Green Tea*
Q: How did the two of you see in June 13th?
OGAWA: What is it? Well, I wondered if we were going to be together again somewhere, and in that way we have won both the belt and the league. On Misawa's anniversary, I didn't think it would be like this, as I said earlier, its amazing. Well, why not have a drink today?
KOTARO: Will you have a drink? Tomorrow, I'm going home.
OGAWA: Just a minute...come on, Chris.

(Calls in Ridgeway)

OGAWA: We will introduce you to our new member. Chris. Probably from now on, I think we will be teaming up together.
Q: How did this happen?
OGAWA: We have already wrestled a match, and before that I listened to what the other wrestlers had to say, and I heard that he was a good one. I was told that he was looking forward to coming to Japan, and I think that now is a good time to have one more person.
KOTARO: He will shine when polished. I have a good feeling, the new member of Stinger will do his best.


Q: How do you see your victory?
TANIGUCHI: Today was not just about one persons power, I had many thoughts pushing me forward. I think it was a match of various force.
Q: What is the meaning of not having just green wristbands but also blue taping?
TANIGUCHI: Aoki and I worked in the Self-Defense Force together before entering wrestling. We began on the same today, and we worked hard together. That presence, which has been commonplace for a long time, has suddenly gone, and I won't meet you. There is such sadness, and even without it, it seems rare that it would come up unannounced (rough). Today I went into the match being pushed by those thoughts, and started the match.
Q: What was the response to the Assault Point?
TANIGUCHI: There was one, but it seems to be charged towards him (rough). It was said "it's awkward" and "don't use it".
Q: What is the meaning of being able to beat Marufuji on Misawa's anniversary?
TANIGUCHI: I think that the result of winning against Marufuji on such a special day will become confidence, from now on that confidence needs to be changed into power. It is meaningless to just let it end today, and I want to connect it to today's results from now on.
Q: What is your goal? Are you aiming for the GHC Heavyweight title?
TANIGUCHI: I agree. I would like to aim at it (rough).
Q: You not only won the memorial match, but do you feel that you have a boost to the younger generation to get the belt?
TANIGUCHI: I cannot afford to lose to their generation forever. I think it has become a boost for them (i.e. the younger generation)
Q: Did you have a singles match with Misawa?
TANIGUCHI: No, there was meant to be one on the 10th, but Misawa died.
Q: Did you feel that something was lost?
TANIGUCHI: There was the desire that I wanted to do it. But it couldn't happen.
Q: What is your determination now you have this breakthrough victory? (rough)
TANIGUCHI: There are no diversions from it, I may have lost in various ways, but this victory is a break through. I want to go after what I want.


"I think I am weak going out? (rough) It was the same with Shiozaki, and Taniguchi. What is this? Thoughts of negative strength? No, its not...there is no such thing. Only I was weaker than the others. From now on, I will start my journey of searching for myself."


Q: What are your current honest feelings?
SUGIURA: I am glad. These two men won the league and got the belts. There is a meaning in that.

Go Shiozaki enters with Katsuhiko Nakajima leaning on him.

NAKAJIMA: Takashi Sugiura! KAZMA SAKAMOTO! Takashi Sugiura! KAZMA SAKAMOTO! I was defeated by you, so it may be strange for me to say this, but once again, please fight with us for the belts.
SUGIURA: This is unusual, but I will do it again and again. Today you were beaten? Next time you will give up, or I will take the three count.
KAZMA: Of course

Nakajima leaves with Shiozaki after bowing

SUGIURA: It's true, its rare, isn't it?
KAZMA: Today, June 13th, is a special day for Noah. It's also a special day for me. June 13th has become a special day for me too. With a special person, I took the belt with a special tag partner, today has been a great special day. Pro Wrestling Noah has become a special group for me. It's the best
Q: Sugiura, on the June 13th you finished the GHC Tag championship match, what about the belt?
SUGIURA: It'a special day? As I said earlier in the ring, what do you show to the dead? What can I do? I, we have no choice but to wrestle. Keep doing wrestling, that is all there is to it. I cannot do anything special. I am happy that I got this on such a special day, but I cannot do anything special. Just keep on wrestling. Just keep on fighting.

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