(NOAH) POST MATCH PROMOS ~ Global Junior Tag League 2019, NIGHT SEVEN (9th June, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo) ~ MITSUHARU MISAWA MEMORIAL NIGHT


Q: It has been ten years since Misawa died.
SAITO: This section of ten years has come to an end, but I have to think about where I am going to go from here. For the past ten years I have been praying every morning, and that has not changed at all. If after ten years the case is I have to bring that to an end, I have to take the next step going forward.
Q: How did the green mat feel?
SAITO: I felt it before the match. Like today, the 9th, the 13th will also be the green mat. I think that to fight on it on June 13th...I think that it is very significant, I have my own thoughts on it, but I think I want to put everything there...


MOROHASHI: League match?! Idiots! The result is bad. We can't win, we can't be in the finals. It might be broken, but what we got out of it was, great! Hey, Junta!!?
MIYAWAKI: YEAH! First and second wins! The goal is to win the championship, and we will come out and keep coming out next year, and again the following year, and next time we will win!
MOROHASHI: We are absolutely excited as Noah juniors! Junta! Junta! Come on, Goddamn....

They muscle pose


NOSAWA: No comment. Misjudged? Referee Fukuda, cannot do the task. It was misjudged. Misjudged.
OHARA: Good, good. If you have lost, then it can't be helped. Junior singles are next, where is the final?
Q: Kultz Kawasaki
OHARA: Is that right? That's my hometown. Such a big chance doesn't come round that much, so Kawasaki; I will decorate my hometown. That is why today is Mui Bien!

(Yoshiki Inamura, Masa Kitamiya, Kenoh, Atsushi Kotoge)

Q: First of all, Kotoge, what is your response?
KOTOGE.... (silently motions at Kenoh)
KENOH: How many times do I have to say it? Am I...are we the company's...No! We are not the the parent company LIDET Entertainment's dog. It's not worth being YES-MEN. I, we have solid ideas and strong beliefs. With our plan, we will make Noah's ring shine like a diamond. Like today, we will create a tournament filled with fucking asshole customers, our ideas and beliefs will create it!
KITAMIYA: We will return!

YO-HEY: Everything depends on the outcome of the next match. Maybe we will go to the finals, but it may be that it will over, but it is natural that we won today. Because we have decided on our third consecutive victory, and if you don't like it, you can wait for the results from now on.


Q: Sadly, you have missed out on the finals.
HI69: I'm sorry. At the beginning it was winning with a perfect record, I am holding that up. It is sweet. It will not take shape if it is all talk.
Q: What has been your feelings throughout Junior Tag League?
HI69: The first has been the connection between Minoru and myself. Sometimes there is help in time of need. As well as reconfirming that part, the subordinate Miyawaki, is getting stronger. There is a single league coming up soon, and that is an individual fight.
Q: Your next goal is in the singles league?
HI69: I cannot afford to lose anymore. I will be next. Watch.

Minoru Tanaka made no comment


Q: It didn't take you long to stop?
KOTARO: Yeah. I didn't want to have two matchesnin one day.
Q: Misawa watched you in a match where you were not defeated?
OGAWA: That's right. I will always do my best not to lose.
KOTARO: The 13th is the anniversary of Misawa's death right? Where would we go if we were not going to finals? It is ours to win.
Q: Towards the win? (rough)
KOTARO: Yeah. My son left home, and I will show you the good family you came from.
OGAWA: Osaka is a special day for Kotaro and myself. We just want to win. That's all.
Q: What about your opponents?
OGAWA: There is nothing
KOTARO: I will look into that person one more time (rough).

HARADA & TADASUKE made no comment


Q: Looking back on the match?
SHIOZAKI: I came back to Noah because of Naomichi Marufuji, that is why today I had to take the lead. I thought I had to do it.
Q: Misawa watched this match?
SHIOZAKI: He is always alive in my mind. This isn't a burden when I fight, I like to take the responsibility and stand in the ring (rough).
Q: You did the rolling elbow and Emerald Flowsion?
SHIOZAKI: My opponent today was Naomichi Marufuji, I thought this was necessary to lead Noah.
Q: You will be defending the tag titles on the day of the anniversary?
SHIOZAKI: The GHC tag belt is one that Misawa and I could not get that day. I feel thee destiny of a defense on that day, so I will do that. I will not lose that belt.

(Note, this one wasn't published for some reason)
"I will become the wall that Misawa was"


Q: Did you go further than the last match?
KIYOMIYA: I didn't think that it would be like it was last time, I knew it would be more than that. I have challenged the emotion of pre-matches for a while.
Q: What was on your mind during the match?
KIYOMIYA: I was thinking of everyone who had supported me so far. I couldn't give up.
Q: The same can be said for your opponent, but it sounds as if you have breached your limits?
KIYOMIYA: I wasn't aware of it during the match, but when I saw everyone cheering, that was when I was able to exceed today.
Q: The fan cheering was amazing?
KIYOMIYA: I was really happy, I cannot wrestle if there are no customers. To everyone who came to the hall today, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.
Q: What about the Misawa memorial?
KIYOMIYA: As I have always admired him, that was why I came to Noah. Since I think today is a special day for the fans who came to watch, I feel that the significance of winning today is huge, and I will protect this belt from now on.
Q: What kind of Noah will you show now?
KIYOMIYA: Pro Wrestling Noah, I will show you that there is a bright future from now on...and I want to create a new view. Thank you.

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