(NOAH) POST MATCH PROMOS ~ Global Junior Tag League 2019, NIGHT FIVE (2nd June, ACT City, Hamamatsu)


YO-HEY: The renewed blonde couple were able to get their first victory in the 4th match of junior tag league, but there are still two more...the Richmond Hotel Chocolate Cake* Kumano team, and Minoru Tanaka & Hi69 are still remaining. There is no chance for us to win it now, but there are other fights and whatever is done, its no good, pneumothorax took this victory. The rest is left to June 13th, the final stage, with the others, Harada and Tadasuke the team we lost to at the Osaka World Hall yesterday. They have a lot of momentum. I felt it when we fought them, I think they will rise to it (rough). We will see the RATELS showdown once more in the finals in Osaka. Let's work together...good luck...I want to taste a bit of chocolate with a little lick of strawberry mousse...last not not lease, please!

HAYATA walks off silently

YO-HEY: Then I will say it instead....

YO-HEY walks off without saying anything 

*A hotel in Fukushima that sells a famous chocolate cake, which you can have at breakfast if you have a special chocolate voucher. No. I don't want to know WHAT he is on about NOW.


HI69: Two wins and two losses. I haven't given up on the likelihood of winning being not at all, if we win the rest, we are the champions. But, the real scary enemy was today's referee. (Ben, who came from IMPACT Wrestling to train). Who is he? Jim?
TANAKA: Johnny? Anderson?
HI69: With his being in charge of a match, I want to do my best in content (rough).
TANAKA: You get prepared James (rough). Two have been lost, but last year was disappointing, and I was determined to advance to the championship now, and I have no choice now but to aim for the win. Well, I am going to have another theme, and while thinking about it hard, the two of us will aim to win.


SUGIURA: Did the fire finally come on? Finally, it looks as if it was lit.
Q: You have been unsatisfied until now?
SUGIURA: It was the same yesterday. I can afford it. I am not young. I don't know if it because I am tied to the belt or I am tying it around, but at last (rough).
Q: Is there no youth?
SUGIURA says something that doesn't translate well about getting the belts together to make them beautiful. "Isn't that a good idea? Is it a mistake?
Q: You will partner with KAZMA?
SUGIURA: I am motivated as he can see the tag (championship) too.
KAZMA: There is no peace of mind now. Mr. Sugi has the singles on the 9th, and I will not be there at the time. Until then, there is no tag. So, I will support him on the day. Heat up Kiyomiya, you are a slow starter, and if this is your momentum, Sugiura will win.
Q: There is only Yokohama Radiant Halls left now in the pre-matches?
SUGIURA: Nothing will change. I will check his temperature, and that fever will be over on the 9th.


Q: This is your third win?
TADASUKE (speaking to someone who is in the distance): Three wins! Yeah! Can you hear what I saying? 3rd win! Yahoo!
HARADA:...That can be heard far away. Echoing.
Q: So, your third win...
TADASUKE: Third win!! Have you heard?! Ooooohhhh!!!
Q: You fought Ridgeway?
HARADA: We first fought at the tournament in England. He's a really interesting guy, and it was interesting to tangle today too. Win or lose in Junior Tag League, I hope we can meet again.
Q: It seems like Ridgeway is aiming for a return match?
HARADA: That's it! Do you understand why? (to Tadasuke) Why?
TADASUKE (in a tone of voice as if he isn't speaking to anyone in particular) Why not?...well, we have six points!! but I so excited yesterday that I forgot about HAYATA & YO-HEY. One more RATELS confrontation guys? It all comes down to points, and I'm sorry, but in the finals, we will take it. We will win two more after this. I have made a pledge! We will win TWO......!
HARADA: Third consecutive victory (puts his hand over his mouth to laugh) well, I can laugh as you won today. If we can't stop HAYATA & YO-HEY'S third consecutive victory, then the final is the best situation. There is still a possibility though that could come up. The finals will take place in Osaka, and there is only one card to be spoken of there.

KONGOH (Kenoh, Masa Kitamiya, Atsushi Kotoge and Yoshiki Inamura)

KENOH: Hey, I will say this again and again! We have strong convictions. That is what the company controls, right? We will do our best to make Pro Wrestling Noah shine like a diamond! We will do it.
KITAMIYA: Lets go!

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