(NOAH) POST MATCH PROMOS ~ Global Junior Tag League 2019, NIGHT SIX (8th June, Yokohama Radiant Halls, Yokohama)


NOSAWA: I'm sorry! Indeed. I am preventing progress. Maybe my current condition is not suitable for Noah junior. However, I have a partner, and so I wanted to create a  "New Pareha " with Ohara-kun...but due to the defeat, it was in vain. Is it still possible? Astronomical numbers? I think there is still a possibility.
OHARA: Because the Noah Jnrs are not only RATELS, I will not give up. We managed to win against RATELS today, so lets keep an eye on the next single league match.
NOSAWA: Singles, not at all. It's not a good level for me to come out at. It's great for everyone else, because I am Takashi Sugiura's dog. If not for me, I want Ohara-kun to work hard.
OHARA: Well, we lost to Stinger, but we beat RATELS. Anyway, the Noah juniors are not only Daisuke Harada or Yoshinari Ogawa. Don't forget that, and do not forget that this is the beginning of Hajime Ohara. Today is Mui Bien.


YO-HEY: For the moment, is it a yellow light? A red light? It already feels like nothing at all. Our "calculating" brains thought hard about yesterdays result, and as a result of thinking hard, we won! If we keep winning, it depends on luck, but the likelihood of that is not zero. Believe in that possibility! I say it is good luck. Us...yes...aaa! I like Mister Donut*, transfatty acids and the world of Cambodia, I am talking about this somehow! Please say a word at the end. A word like a skillful Cambodian please!
HAYATA walks off without saying anything
YO-HEY: Namaste. We will definitely win the third consecutive victory! Good luck. Hmmmm!

*Dunkin Doughnuts.

(Kenoh, Masa Kitamiya, Atsushi Kotoge & Yoshiki Inamura)

KENOH: No matter what is said, it is always the same! We are right! Our beliefs are right! Our ideas are right! With these right guys, we will make Noah's ring shine like a diamond!
KITAMIYA: Let's return


HI69: This is the power of Minoru Tanaka & Hi69. Were are our opponents the champions? We will win with this momentum, and I can picture us putting on the belts.
TANAKA: The league prediction is Stinger & RATELS alone, but we have meaning too. I would like to take the opportunity to say something about RATELS & STINGER: Harada and Tadasuke of RATELS, and today Ogawa & Kotaro of Stinger, next we will defeat HAYATA & YO-HEY. We will do it on that special day, at Misawa's memorial. On the 13th we will win. Understand that, or get out!


Q: You took the three count from Kiyomiya in the final pre-match?
SUGIURA: I am going to be troubled if it ends like that tomorrow. There is more to come, and I want to push it through. Our fight, Noah's fight.
Q: Too little....
SUGIURA: That's right for today. "Up" for tomorrow.
Q: Did you fight with Shiozaki?
MARUFUJU: Shoulder or arm? Doesn't look in good condition. Tomorrow will be a "too easy" match for me, and next it is you (Taniguchi), on the 13th, right? You have always been "too easy".
TANIGUCHI: At the memorial match on the 13th, there is another reason for "why I cannot lose. I will never lose! I will definitely do it on the 13th.

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