(NOAH) Post match promos ~ Saturday 22nd June 2019, Nagano Arcs, Nagano ("NOAH the SPIRIT 2019, Night Two)

Naomichi Marufuji

Q: You have just had a single match with Junta Miyawaki?
MARUFUJI: Well, I know he is growing up, but there is still "much more". As you can see, I always try to understand. But look, because you are "young" or your "career is young", the guy who "can do it" will come through. If you can do it, then do it. Push it. Do you want to be "the boy" forever?

AXIZ (Katsuhiko Nakajima & Go Shiozaki)

Q: You took the victory from KAZMA in the pre-match?
NAKAJIMA: It is my fault that we lost the belt, and I have to get it back by all means. We are the only tag team that Noah needs. Because we are AXIZ, we are at the center of Noah, and its face. We need the belts back for that.
SHIOZAKI: The tag belt, who's waists is it around "normally?" Who's?
Q: Well, different people...
SHIOZAKI (intimidating): WHO?
NAKAJIMA: Is it? You are right. Occasionally its a good thing to say. But, when you think of Noah from now on, isn't it interesting, that we are not at the centre of Noah? Answer yes or no.
Q: Ummmm...
NAKAJIMA: What? You cannot hear?
Q: .....
NAKAJIMA: That's right! Your voice will be louder when we put the belts on again!
SHIOZAKI: We will get it back so that it is "ordinary" that the belts are with AXIZ.

KONGOH (Kenoh, Masa Kitamiya, Yoshiki Inamura & Atsushi Kotoge)

KENOH: We are right. We are correct. Kaito Kiyomiya? That guy isn't right, is he? LISTEN! LIDET Entertainment isn't right either. The right thing is Kongoh! Like Noah's ring, Kongoh will shine like a diamond! LISTEN! The only correct thing is Kongoh!
KITAMIYA: I will go back!

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