(NOAH) RATELS post match promo (19th June 2019, Aizu Wakamatsu City Cultural Center ("NOAH the SPIRIT 2019, Night One)

Q: Its been a long time since the four of you were together?
YO-HEY gives an embarrassed laugh
HARADA: Well, the story is this; Yoshinari Ogawa, Kotaro Suzuki, there is still some way to go, but we will do it all!
Q: Today there was a unit fight, but next is a league with individual matches?
HARADA (to Tadasuke): How is the junior match?
TADASUKE: Why are we united now? I would like to aim for a breakout victory in the single league (suddenly yells to someone off camera): I aim to win!

YO-HEY: They can hear that in Spain
Q: RATELS has Harada, Tadasuke & YO-HEY in A block, and HAYATA will be in B block
HARADA: Last year we were divided by 2 - 2, but this year it is 3 - 1. I think all the interesting members are in A block, and I think like all of us, I want to break through to first place and win.
YO-HEY (to Harada): What happens now? What happens now?

HARADA: I will win
YO-HEY: What is it now? What is it now? (walks off saying this)
TADASUKE: I won't let you (walks off speaking)
HAYATA walks off without saying anything
HARADA: I will win, although I think each opinion is interesting (to the reporter) please say something to finish up.
Q: So the finals....
HARADA ignores him and walks off.

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