(NOAH) 49 year old Takashi Sugiura wins stunning league matches, Sumo Hall main

14th September 2019

The final card for Pro Wrestling Noah's singles league, "N-1 VICTORY" has been decided.

Takashi Sugiura has won A block.
The 49 year old veteran has advanced the final after all four rounds. The latter two fights, Naomichi Marufuji (7th September, Yokohama) and Go Shiozaki (9th September) are highlights.
In addition to the strong blows from a physicality that transcended his age, he has an excellent durability that long matches do not bother.
Marufuji also showed a bright technique in the battle before the submission.

On the other hand, Kenoh also came through the B Block battles.
He earned a black star against Masaaki Mochizuki, but won with a knock out kick to Katsuhiko Nakajima in the final round with 3 wins and 1 loss, but it was the sharpness of the kicks that shone in the match. In the match against Nakajima, he won with a high kick KO.

The current GHC Heavyweight champion Kaito Kiyomiya didn't participate, and made the league controversial by proclaiming that he would only fight the winner at Sumo Hall (November 2nd).
However, when the league started it was a series of intense battles that made you feel the fulfillment of Noah again. As a result Sugiura and Kenoh have gone to the final, and as a fan as everyone should be in agreement of this (rough).

In this years Noah, which was restarted as a new system under LIDET Entertainment as its parent company, Kenoh formed an anti-establishment unit, "Kongoh". A unique mood has been established, intense matches and swearing on the microphone, which sometimes bought a humorous feel.
Some fans say that "Kenoh rebelled against the parent company, their name spread".

Sugiura is active on both the single and the tag title fronts. Notably the battle with Kiyomiya at the Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial, even though he lost to the champion it was a deadly battle which he said, "I exceeded the limit."
Contrary to Kenoh he declared, "Spread Noah's Professional Wrestling" and "Company Dog". This is supported by using a photo of his dog on a t-shirt, which has been a hit.

The two wrestlers, whose match content and presence are appropriate to the final, will compete at the Edion Arena Osaka First Stadium on September 16th.
Overcoming Sugiura, who he has never won against, Kenoh says "I will become the man with the most presence in Noah". Sugiura has vowed, "I will fight against anyone."
The word "everyone" has a meaning.
On the 16th September in Osaka, Keiji Mutoh, Jun Akiyama, Kazushi Sakuraba and other amazing guests will participate. From overseas, Rhyno will appear for the first time, and Kazuyuki Fujiyta will also come aboard.
"Making Noah's fans ask if "Noah wrestlers are amazing". Is another battle. You are not the only enemy (Kenoh)" Sugiura said.
The amazing guest participation is also a sign of the new Noah's "attack" attitude.

Following the big match at Sumo Hall, Noah announced that they will run Korakuen Hall on two days on January 4th and 5th next year. It is a crucial contest over New Japan at the Tokyo Dome.
Will Kiyomiya, Sugiura or Kenoh appear as the champion at Korakuen Hall after this?

On the 4th, the time will completely overlap with the Dome, so it will be a problem for fans.
For the promotion, it is not going to end with "the match is interesting..." on the 16th September they want to increase the voltage in Osaka going into the 2nd November at Sumo Hall, and connect this to the 4th January and the 5th January at Korakuen.
Sugiura says that he wants to satisfy the people who chose Noah, and that he will make a match that people who choose the Dome will regret.
That is their confidence.

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