(NOAH) POST MATCH INTERVIEWS ~ N-1 VICTORY, NIGHT 9 (Yokohama Radiant Halls, 7th September 2019)

THE SUGIURA ARMY (NOSAWA Rongai & Hajime Ohara)

NOSAWA: Fighting with the most interesting man in the Noah juniors has arrived? After all, Noah junior is Yoshinari Ogawa? If you sell fights to the most interesting people, then the popular guys will come to the Noah juniors like a zoo. I'm not good? Does this mean that I can't arrange a match because I'm not good, but you are the most interesting person in the Noah Juniors, and this is giving NOSAWA Rongai the first time on the Noah mat. The guys at The Zoo (Harada & Tadasuke), says "we are the next challengers", but we are the company dogs. That is why our request passes as the highest priority, and therefore isn't it okay to give it to us? The right to challenge.
Q: Will you not have a number one contenders match?
NOSAWA: It is not necessary. We are company dogs. What power do they have? Aren't we the company dogs?
OHARA: Which one will the company go for? Ratel or dog? Everyone, please peruse that answer.
NOSAWA: Money and power makes the world go round. That's right. (Does not translate)...if you don't understand the idea or the reality of this, then how can you adhere to the professional wrestling world? How can you get on board? (Doesn't translate). I am going to suggest a ban to the company. I have that much power. I'm a LIDET ENTERTAINMENT dog, right? I can only say that we are the challengers.

RATELS (Daisuke Harada & Tadasuke)

Q: Because they are company dogs, you don't have the number one contenders match?
TADASUKE: I guess when you become a company dog, you can do what you like. Hey...it's funny HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
HARADA: Calm down. Wasn't it understood by how the fans reacted when Tadasuke mentioned the challenger decision battle, it was intense. Will the company ignore this? Are they going to accept what is said unquestioningly? I want them to make a good judgement.
TADASUKE: I'm sorry for losing control. Can I write a letter to the parent company, LIDET Entertainment? About 100. Lets talk to Mr. Suzuki (LIDET representative) directly.


Q: Looking back on the match with Marufuji?
SUGIURA: It was deep. I mean, when you have a normal match, is there more pulled out of the draw, I am deeply nostalgic. It's frightening. How many knees did I eat?
Q: You have won three times in a row, is it a dangerous situation?
SUGIURA: While that is true, I am the one who won. There is only Korakuen remaining. Shiozaki. Yesterday it was done in Tsukuba.
Q: Even if you draw, you will break through the block?
SUGIURA: I'm not that happy. To me it doesn't look good, and it doesn't look good to the watching fans either. I will bring it overwhelmingly (rough).
Q: Are you going to be as good as your word, and win the victory?
SUGIURA: Yes. That's right.
Q: Do you care about what happens in B Block?
SUGIURA: It's going to be quite a close contest isn't it? I think it will change after tomorrow, watch closely.

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