(NOAH) POST MATCH PROMOS ~ N-1 VICTORY, NIGHT 8 (Tsukuba Capio, 6th September 2019)

RATELS (Daisuke Harada, HAYATA & YO-HEY)

Q: Harada, how was the pre-match?
HARADA (to YO-HEY): How was it?
YO-HEY: After all, Kotoge has entered Stinger, and in Osaka it was "too early", but the Osaka people are impatient. On September 16th, I'm going to watch when Daisuke Harada defends the IPW Junior belt from Atsushi Kotoge.

(HAYATA leaves, YO-HEY with him)

Q: It looked like you were avoiding Kotoge
HARADA: I wasn't avoiding him. Since his matches aren't interesting, there is no issue.
Q: Is it necessary to start as the champion?
HARADA: Yes. More and more. What kind of match was it?
Q: To anyone who was watching for the first time, it might not have been clear that there is a title match approaching
HARADA: Wasn't it communicated? Isn't this the first good opportunity when returning to the juniors? That opportunity is not something that is understood. That is all I can say.
Q: After the match, Ogawa held up the tag belt to you?
HARADA: To me, Yoshinari Ogawa has always been a hated opponent. It is the same with Kotaro Suzuki. When Osaka is over there will be a "bloody forehead"* debt. If he talked like this, what would you think of him? There is no presence! There is nothing to talk about. Do you understand? But if you talk about Yoshinari Ogawa, there is a lot to say. There is nothing about Kotoge. That is his presence currently. I think the guys in RATELS think the same, and what about the other Noah juniors? He came back to the juniors and wondered what would happen, but when the box was open and the lid was lifted, there was no presence.



Q: Even though you are not participating in N-1, are you still stacking up winning points?
KIYOMIYA: Of course. Even thought I am not in the N-1, that is where the real value lies in each match. I don't care what kind of fight it is.
Q: The nickname "Supernova" has been decided on after acknowledgement of it?
KIYOMIYA: "Supernova"...translated into Japanese, a supernova is a huge explosion of stars, and one of the biggest in the universe. But behind the meaning of "explosion" is the meaning of a new beginning, and so as I always say, it is "new scenery". I would like to create Supernova at each tournament, and create the next new scenery.


Q: Did you show your momentum to Takashi Sugiura?
SHIOZAKI: Of course, the last official N-1 match is Takashi Sugiura. I am aware of that. It's natural. I want to greet Korakuen with an advantage. The fight and the victory has already begun.
Q: At Korakuen there are four official matches, which are very good cards and are all side by side?
SHIOZAKI: I have already lost one, no more. That is why in this last fight I will pour everything into Takashi Sugiura. "N-1 VICTORY" started this year, and I will have a fight that symbolizes it. I will win! It is me who will win.


"I won today, and there is still a little hope. My victory may be missing, is that okay? The God of Wrestling, the God who wants to make Noah shine, believes in me. The company doesn't believe. LIDET won't believe in me either. But, the guy who wants to improve Pro Wrestling Noah believes in me. Fortune is heading my way! Hey! At Korakuen Hall I will win and I will go to the championship, and I will definitely win at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium. And on November 2nd you can see me take the belt at Sumo Hall...super full of stupid bastards!"

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