(NOAH) Noah's Ark Fan Club & Autograph schedule ~ October 9th - 14th 2019

October 9th, Oyama City Cultural Center Small Hall
Merchandise: Kaito Kiyomiya
Fan Club Photographs: AXIZ (Go Shiozaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima), Naomichi Marufuji

October 11th, Yokohama Radiant Halls
Merchandise: Takashi Sugiura
Fan Club Photographs: Kaito Kiyomiya, HAYATA, Daisuke Harada 

October 13th, Kobe Sanbo Hall
Merchandise: Naomichi Marufuji
Fan Club Photographs: Kaito Kiyomiya, YO-HEY, Sonico

October 14th, Kanazawa
Merchandise: Shuhei Taniguchi
Fan Club Photographs: Takashi Sugiura, STINGER (Yoshinari Ogawa, Kotaro Suzuki, Chris Ridgeway & Atsushi Kotoge)

Additional names will be announced on the day for the intermission and after the show 
Please note that due to injuries and the condition of the wrestlers after matches, the schedule is subject to change

Picture credit: Noah.co.jp