Post match interviews ~ Premium Prelude, Korakuen Hall (Night 1, 3rd October 2019)


(YO-HEY Walks into the interview area with HAYATA)

Q: You took your chance in the end?
YO-HEY: My tooth is broken a bit, can I sit down? My tooth has broken. Maybe it is broken. After all, it was Chris Ridgeway and the newly entered Stinger Kotoge Revolution Cloak Splash Atsushi center. The enemy is the enemy, but it was strong and exciting, and not like STINGER now.

(HAYATA walks off)

Q: HAYATA has left, so what is the relationship between you two now regarding the title match?
YO-HEY: There is no kiss before going to bed. It's always a long kiss for two hours, it is completely gone now, and its a little annoying. Now the front tooth has broken. I don't know how the front tooth is now, but because the sensual is cracked, but there is no kiss with this front tooth. In the ring at Sumo Hall, in the rematch, I will take that belt from HAYATA and cure this tooth. It's bad for him, but YO-HEY will be putting on the GHC Junior belt. That's it. After talking, it seems that the back teeth will break. Just one last thing. One last. Excuse me. After all, I should stop. I'm sorry.


Q: Do you feel like you are getting along?
MOCHIZUKI: No, not at all. Not at all.
MARUFUJI: That's not right.
Q: Did you come up with the combination of the corner kick and the Tiger King?
MARUFUJI: I went to do it, Mochie just matched it
MOCHIZUKI: There is a genius around. I made a suggestion about this cooperation and how to do something, but this has exceeded my imagination...that's probably the alliance. Well, I had it in my head. What about the knees in a row? After all, its a good idea, and that's probably how we won.
Q: How was it teaming with Mochizuki?
MARUFUJI: After all, I have a living legend...
MOCHIZUKI: No, no, its because Marufuji is a legendary superstar
MARUFUJI: It's really not that hard to do. Well, I am wondering what I am going to see, so I will meet you in the ring.
MOCHIZUKI: You know why this is easy to do? Because he is a superstar, and I keep my distance. If there is a collision, its just flattery.
Q: Mochizuki has a Dream Gate championship in five days time?
MARUFUJI: Please do your best.
MOCHIZUKI: Irresponsible (laughs). Well, what the consequences of experiencing the N-1 VICTORY? I didn't win of course, but I think I have acquired great skills for singles. I don't think of myself seperate from this promotion, as I am sure that I will use the N-1 VICTORY and today's experience in the Dream Gate match. I will overturn being 49 years old.
Q: Marufuji has decided to fight Great Muta at Sumo Hall?
MARUFUJI: There is still another month, and I am thinking a lot about doing something interesting. I will also consult living legend Mochizuki
MOCHIZUKI: No. I want to see it too.
MARUFUJI: Tickets are still available
MOCHIZUKI: I want to see it. So, I am going to say a little about first when I decided to participate in N-1, the championship match would be in Edion, and the winner would go to Sumo Hall?
MARUFUJI: And there is nothing on that day?
MOCHIZUKI: No, I am free. If I don't win, I don't get to go, isn't that embarrassing? That is why I am free for Sumo Hall...
MARUFUJI: Both promotions and Motchie are free for November 2nd.
MOCHIZUKI: Hey hey hey!
MARUFUJI: Thank you for your offer.
MOCHIZUKI: Maybe a double header
MARUFUJI: Thank you for that


MOCHIZUKI: Thank you.

"I lost, and that is usually a situation where you wouldn't ask for a comment. I saw today's card, it looked fun, but I felt like "Wait, Hi69 and myself are not being used to help their first tag." I was looking forward to it, but at the same time, I had a feeling about it deep down. Nonetheless, I had a good match. When I got angry though, and kicked the fence, they did something stylish*. I thank everyone. I would like to continue to excite the Noah junior's in the future thank you. I want to thank Marufuji, Mochizuki, Hi69, Noah and LIDET Entertainment. Thank you.

*He was presented with flowers for his 25th year in wrestling.

RATELS (Daisuke Harada & Tadasuke) & STINGER (Yoshinari Ogawa & Kotaro Suzuki)

The fight between STINGER and RATELS continues to the booth with Tadasuke screaming "Do it!" as Kotaro swings around the belt to stop them.

TADASUKE: Don't run away!
KOTARO: Don't you know? A draw is a defense!
TADASUKE: Hey! Is it a shock?
OGAWA: It is a rule.
KOTARO: Those are the rules. It is the champions privilege.


TADASUKE: Do it once more!
HARADA: Hey! Don't run away. Let us do it again one more time. Are you too tired? Do it once more. I'll do it, definitely. Lets go Tadasuke. Do it again. Discouraged in loss. One more time.
TADASUKE: Once again!

THE SUGIURA ARMY (Takashi Sugiura & Kazuyashi Fujita)

FUJITA: Good job
SUGIURA: Thank you very much

(They shake hands, with Fujita clapping Sugiura on the back)

FUJITA: Good job
Q: How was the reaction today?
FUJITA: Reaction? To who?
SUGIURA: Taniguchi
FUJITA: Who? (Strikes his chest) Put your name right here! I don't know your name. I don't know who you are. Well, this is a mud boat! Everyone is covered in mud. The rest I will leave to the leader. It was nice to meet you. Thank you.


Q: How was the tag with Fujita?
SUGIURA: Well, its not bad. After all, he is strong, and there is no problem with strength.
Q: Are you interested in how the relationship will develop?
SUGIURA: Oh really? Isn't it up to him? Fujita...he doesn't even remember the name of his opponent. I hope something comes of it, the more Fujita gnaws. I can't control what he does. It is all up to him.
Q: The National Championship against Elgin has also been announced?
SUGIURA: That's right. I lost the N-1 and with the goal, but now I have a new one. I'm happy. It will fire up Sumo Hall.
Q: Does Sumo Hall feel like a big stage?
SUGIURA: For now, lets make Sumo Hall successful. Then we can see the future.
Q: What is your impression of Elgin?
SUGIURA: Well, let me say this, he is a straight forward opponent because he attacks head on, and we can do this until one of us falls. An easy opponent, and a fun one.

KONGOH (Kenoh, Masa Kitamiya & Yoshiki Inamura)

KENOH: Those guys, did you get the result today? These are our strong beliefs! Those guys who do what the company tell them, they don't get results like this. You don't walk on a rocky path like us to make Pro Wrestling Noah's ring more brilliant. HEY! Did you see it? The eyes of the champion, Kiyomiya? He is not focused. Is he lost? If you pamper such a lost puppy, you will lose your way. I will save Kiyomiya from this rough spot, and like the old days, I will bring the life back into his eyes. Hey! I will fill out Sumo Hall, and take the belt from Kiyomiya.

KENOH leaves (storms off\stamps off)

KITAMIYA: Okay, we convinced with the match, and we attracted with our words, we will take the belt. You feel the same way?
KITAMIYA: Sumo Hall, November. Polish the belts assholes, until it is our, Kongoh's, turn. Let's go!

AXIZ (Katsuhiko Nakajima and Go Shiozaki)

Q: The tag champions lost?
SHIOZAKI: Yeah....the title match is...
NAKAJIMA: Wait a moment. Let me tell you something. Talking with the triumph of victory...fucking cheeky. I certainly lost. I lost, but wait a moment. You won. Can you challenge just like that? Is the GHC different now? AXIZ has made this belt more valuable than ever, and this belt is a belt with a noble value. Because you won, its not the way you can just challenge with that heat of the moment. But, if the company gives you the right to challenge, you can think about it then. The rest is what the fans want, its their voices...

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