(NOAH) Naomichi Marufuji appearance ~ Jan Jan delno-zaurus (aka "The Purple Dinosaur") pachinko parlor

2nd January 2019

Each New Year a wrestler from each promotion (normally New Japan and Noah) will come to the pachinko store for a New Year fan event (from Noah's side Katsuhiko Nakajima appeared in 2019, and Kenoh in 2018).
It is traditional at the event that the wrestlers appear in traditional clothing, with Naomichi Marufuji and Kenoh (and Kento Miyahara who had appeared a day before Marufuji), dressed in Hakama. Katsuhiko Nakajima had also worn one when he appeared, but he wore the black version instead of red.

Hakama is traditional Japanese clothing, and only worn on very formal occasions (usually at funerals, weddings etc), and it has its roots in the Edo period of Japan, where they were worn at court by Samurai. As well as the kimono robe, traditional trousers with family crest on them, Marufuji is also wearing traditional shoes (white lacquered sandals) with the split toe tabi socks. The fan (which Kenoh kept tucked into his belt), seems to have been utilized by Marufuji, and creates a stunning Edo era effect, especially since he has hair akin to a Samurai. 

I am afraid that I don't have too much information on today's event, but normal course of the day usually includes a talk by the wrestler, fan photos, and they will serve food to the attendees, which are usually noodles. Naturally, Marufuji's fare was special Shiranui noodles.

Picture credit: Noah.co.jp