(NOAH\DDT) "I want to excite as a member of Disaster Box" ~ Naomichi Marufuji joins a DDT pro-wrestling unit!

3rd December 2019
Yahoo Japan\Pro-Wrestling & Kakutougi News Site

On January 3rd, Naomichi Marufuji appeared at DDT's event at Korakuen Hall, and announced that he will be a new member of the unit "DISASTER BOX."
Disaster Box is a unit led by Toru Owashi. It was dissolved once, but it revived in 2018 with HARASHIMA. It has now grown into a major unit in DDT with Yuki Ueno, Naomi Yoshimura, and Kazuki Hirata.

Marufuji was invited into the unit as a new member by HARASHIMA. He said, "Happy New Year to everyone! My name is Naomichi Marufuji from Pro Wrestling Noah, who has not yet opened, and who is greeting the New Year in another promotion. In the midst of being involved in the whole industry in 2020, I received an appeal from HARASHIMA, and came here! I'm sorry, I had to Google it, as I don't have knowledge of Disaster Box. I am here, HARASHIMA, Owashi, and young Ueno, Yoshimura, and one more person? I hope to excite DDT as a member of DISASTER BOX this year. Thank you! There seems to be a wonderful match in the second half, but I've got to go home because I have a New Years party."

Backstage he said, "I have been coming to DDT many times, as it is on a guest basis, I wanted to come back in 2020 to do it. It was good to be called! I haven't been able to experience that in my career, and I have now experienced it (rough, does not translate well). I will aim for the belt with HARASHIMA, and see who is the best, and which belt is the best. The biggest reason to come to DDT is HARASHIMA. The warm DDT fans, everyone, welcomed me, so I hope to have fun and meet your expectations. Noah has the best matches, but if I am asked, I would like to go to the provinces."

Marufuji will participate in DDT'S Korakuen Hall event on January 26th.

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