(NOAH CHRONOLOGY) Minoru Tanaka ~ GHC Junior Championship reign

Won: 10th March 2019 at "Great Voyage in Yokohama 2019". 
Number of title reigns: 0
Number of defenses: 2
Lost: 3rd August 2019, Noah's 19th Anniversary, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo.
Total number of days held: 146

1. Kotaro Suzuki


VS Kotaro Suzuki
The team of Minoru Tanaka and Hi69 had challenged Stinger (Kotaro Suzuki and Yoshinari Ogawa), for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Titles. They were unsuccessful in their challenge.
After the match, Kotaro Suzuki took one look at Minoru Tanaka (who was on the floor after having taken the "Requiem", which Kotaro used to get the pin), and said simply that he had come for the belt. Tanaka in his backstage promo said sarcastically that he would let Kotaro choose the place and date for the title challenge since he was evidently stronger than he was, and he would do it any time and anywhere.
Except tomorrow.

The match was set for the 14th April 2019 in Sapporo. Minoru Tanaka was victorious, and while I don't have too much information on the match, he did manage to bloody up Suzuki in it.

HAYATA defeated Tadasuke to win Global Junior League 2019, and as per tradition, the champion comes to the ring to meet his challenger. HAYATA (who really only speaks in interviews, and then usually when they are printed and he can get a word in edge-ways over YO-HEY), unusually got on the microphone, and said to Tanaka "Next is the belt".
HAYATA asked about it later in the post match interview, refused to say anything and walked off.

There was no championship match signing for this, and the match was set for Noah's 19th Anniversary which was held at Korakuen Hall on the 4th August. Match was Match of The Year Quality, with HAYATA proving that he too could mat wrestle, and that his pain threshold was a further evolution of his character, especially when caught in one of Tanaka's infamous submission holds. HAYATA showed the same stubborn grit that he had shown in Global Junior League. He was not going to give up, no matter what Minoru Tanaka threw at him.

"Echoes across the industry": Minoru Tanaka's first GHC Junior Championship