(NOAH CHRONOLOGY) AXIZ ~ GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Championship

Won: 24th February 2019, "Navigation for The Progress", Korakuen Hall
Number of title reigns: Go Shiozaki (5) Katsuhiko Nakajima (3)
Number of defenses: 2
Lost: 13th June 2019, "Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial", Osaka Edion 2nd Arena, Osaka
Total number of days held: 109

1. Eddie Edwards and Masa Kitamiya
2. Interlude: Global Tag League 2019
3. The Sugiura Army (Takashi Sugiura & KAZMA SAKAMOTO)


Vs. Eddie Edwards & Masa Kitamiya
Eddie Edwards greeted the crowd and said that he had returned home (i.e to Noah) to challenge for the GHC Heavyweight titles. In an interview he said that he had always wanted a tag belt in Noah (he's not a cruiserweight, so the junior belts are out of the question).
Katsuhiko Nakajima grinned evilly, and said, "never take your eyes off of us".
Match has been arranged for "Great Voyage in Yokohama" on March 10th.

Due to his schedule in IMPACT, Eddie Edwards could not be in Noah for the final days of the tour, and it was left to Masa Kitamiya to hold the fort. Although the pre-matches were not directly won by himself over one of the champions or vice versa, he did manage at one point to take them both out with a massive lariat.

Go Shiozaki said himself that he wasn't too sure what kind of team they were going to face; both Nakajima (who was claiming not to know who Masa Kitamiya was), and himself both knew their challengers individually, but had no idea about them as a group. In some ways, they seemed to mirror each other; Nakajima and Kitamiya, just like Shiozaki and Edwards, all grew up in the dojo together. Nakajima and Kitamiya in Diamond Ring, and of course Shiozaki and Edwards are both Noah born.

When the match came, it was non stop. Edwards was chopped red (and then kicked by Nakajima while Shiozaki chopped him), and later he caught Shiozaki in a Frankensteiner off of the ring ramp. Between Nakajima and Kitamiya, Nakajima got in Kitamiya's face with the usual sinister smile, and later Kitamiya got him in the Prison Lock.
However, the challengers came away empty handed when Masa Kitamiya was pinned after the Vertical Spike by Katsuhiko Nakajima.

Global Tag League 2019
With Global Tag League starting on the 6th April, and Noah's next tour "Spring Navigation 2019" starting for a few (but intense dates), there was no direct challenger for the GHC Heavyweight tag titles, as they would now have a whole league competing to be the number one contender to the titles. However, that didn't stop the new (and unlikely team) of Kenoh & Kaito Kiyomiya making a challenge to AXIZ, in the form that they would win the league, win the belts and create a new Noah. At Noah's last show at Hakata Stalene, they fired the first shots across the bow, by declaring AXIZ "a wanted team".
After that, it was on.

Although the two teams faced each other three times in pre-matches before Global Tag League started, neither got the direct victory over the other until the third match at Korakuen Hall on the final night of "Spring Navigation 2019" at Korakuen Hall on the 29th March, when Katsuhiko Nakajima punted Kaito Kiyomiya in the head (creating a loud thud which could be heard around the arena), which probably caused him to be knocked out for a few seconds, before driving his head into the mat using the Vertical Spike.
As Kenoh got in the ring to see to Kiyomiya, Nakajima bent down with an evil Cheshire Cat like grin on his face, and he and Shiozaki held up their titles to them.

The Global Tag League 2019 finalists came down to AXIZ vs The Sugiura Army (Kenoh and Kiyomiya having been eliminated in the semi finals by Masao Inoue & Akitoshi Saito, and then subsequently breaking up). The Sugiura Army (Takashi Sugiura & KAZMA SAKAMOTO) had managed to defeat AXIZ during the league, both during a league match and then in the finals, with Takashi Sugiura using the ankle lock submission hold he had used on Nakajima to defeat him when defending the GHC Heavyweight title in late 2018.
Ever the crowd favorites, Nakajima had asked the crowd whether or not AXIZ would become the "new symbol of strength" instead of Sugiura, to which the crowd replied "No". AXIZ were also booed during the final match at Global Tag League when Sugiura was caught between their kick\chop attack.

vs The Sugiura Army (Takashi Sugiura & KAZMA SAKAMOTO)
It was announced on the 7th May 2019 that The Sugiura Army would be challenging AXIZ on the 13th June in Osaka, which would be the second of the Mitsuharu Misawa memorial shows. While AXIZ did relatively well with overcoming Sugiura's team (KAZMA was not around for "NOAH The Spirit)" for most of the tour.

The big title match came on June 13th 2019 in the Edion 2nd Arena, Osaka.
It was held on the night of the Mitsuharu Misawa memorial, which was an extra special show commemorating ten years since his passing. For Go Shiozaki this was an emotional night as Misawa had been the tag partner he was never able to wear the belt with. Sadly for Shiozaki (and AXIZ) the belts were not to be kept by them that evening, as the match came to a TKO when Takashi Sugiura choked out Katsuhiko Nakajima via the front neck choke. 

Next champions: The Sugiura Army

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