(NOAH CHRONOLOGY) Kaito Kiyomiya ~ GHC Heavyweight Championship

Won: from Takashi Sugiura, 16th December 2018 at "Great Voyage in Yokohama Vol.2"
Number of title reigns: 0
Number of defenses: 4
Total number of days held:

1. Kenoh
2. Masa Kitamiya
3. Naomichi Marufuji
4. Takashi Sugiura
5. Katsuhiko Nakajima


VS Kenoh

After Kaito Kiyomiya defeated Takashi Sugiura, he was immediately challenged by Kenoh.
Kenoh told him that absolutely nothing of what he had just done made an impact on him whatsoever. Kiyomiya (very politely as ever) told him that he wasn't the same person that Kenoh had faced in January 2018, this time, it was going to be very different.

Title match has been arranged for the 6th January at Korakuen Hall (event will be broadcast live).

The two of them had their first clash at "NOAHFul Gift" 2018, which is Noah's Christmas show. It was meant to be a "random drawing", and while the inclusion of the rookie Kinya Okada (who stole the show might have been random), no one actually believed that Kenoh vs Kiyomiya was. The ref had to separate them at the beginning, and then at the end. There might have been a short build to this match, but they carried it off to perfection. The again, Kenoh vs Kiyomiya, never needs a long build, a match and a pre-match is sufficient to build up tension between them, the fans always screaming for it to happen, and this is only their second title match.

Throughout the whole (short) pre-match lead up, Kenoh swung between a concerned older brother, worried that the young 22 year old Kiyomiya was not ready to carry the weight of the company being the GHC Heavyweight Champion and that it would make things difficult for him in later life, a teacher (he said he would show Kiyomiya how it was done to have a good match and carry a company during a match), and a schoolyard bully who would beat him up for his milk money.
Unfortunately, Kiyomiya could not compete with the force of nature that was Kenoh, and once again came off as sounding very polite, although he did manage a long lingering glare at him.

Kiyomiya may not have been ready for their first GHC Heavyweight clash in January 2017, and perhaps only partially ready for their next one when they fought for the number one contendership later that year, but he was ready this time, and the match bought the house down. Kiyomiya had learned how to dodge Kenoh's attacks, he also knew when to lull him into a false sense of security, he took bumps off of the apron, and did a spectacular somersault over the iron railing and into Kenoh (who he was lucky he caught him as he almost overshot and went smack into the wooden bleachers). They fought tooth and nail, and when they were worn down, they fought down to bone, and ground that to dust. They fought until neither could stand.
It was Kaito Kiyomiya, this "green boy", whom Kenoh had dismissed him as in January 2018, who got the win via the Tiger Suplex, and retained the title.
Later, Kiyomiya would say in interviews that he owed everything to Kenoh, had it not been for his defeat by him, then he may never have come this far.

Atsushi Kotoge & Masa Kitamiya

After Kiyomiya had made his speech about being Noah's face in 2019, Noah's resident lunatic, Atsushi Kotoge came out wearing his cloak with the high collar (the orange one had been befouled earlier in the evening when Minoru Tanaka had used it to buff Hi69's ass), and in typical style (part head trauma, part needs his Ritalin), Kotoge made his challenge for the GHC by proposing that "we make a revolution together".
Then the much saner Masa Kitamiya appeared and said that the GHC did not need a comedy wrestler, and made his challenge. He also warned Kiyomiya that he wasn't going to worship him, and he refused to be a "shrine carrier".
Kiyomiya, as ever polite, didn't make any comment, and both of them left the ring awaiting his decision. Kiyomiya later said he left it to the company to sort the situation out, and Noah arranged a number one contenders match for the 20th January, the winner will face Kaito Kiyomiya for the title on the 1st February...which incidentally is the day when Naomichi Marufuji returns from injury.

vs Masa Kitamiya

Masa Kitamiya defeated Atsushi Kotoge in the number one contendership match on the 20th January. Kaito Kiyomiya watched from ringside, the belt over his shoulder and not on the table in front of him which is as per usual.
After getting rid of Kotoge (who at one point tried to lock him in somewhere), Kitamiya told Kiyomiya that;

Until now you have had a wonderful path as champion, but I will end that on February 1st.
Kiyomiya: I will defend this belt!

Neither Masa Kitamiya or Kaito Kiyomiya managed to get the win over each other during their pre-matches, pinfalls were usually taken by or on someone on the opposing team, they never pinned each other directly. What was so disappointing about this feud was that they seemed to have no chemistry together, not when compared to Kenoh vs Kiyomiya. I think Kitamiya is frustrated by it, especially since all Kiyomiya's response to Kitamiya (who calls him a "good boy honor student") , has been "I will defend the belt on the 1st February".

In the last pre-match before Korakuen Hall, the two squared up after the match. Kitamiya side suplexed Kiyomiya, and then posed over him, one foot on his chest.
Kiyomiya's concern was more towards the insult towards the belt, rather than what had just happened to him.

Although they gave everything they had to the title match in Korakuen Hall, and Kiyomiya was victorious, this feud did not have the same spark as did Kiyomiya vs Kenoh (who Kiyomiya works very well with, and is one of the few people he will actually be almost rude to, even if he hasn't gone past glaring at him). I think Kitamiya might have felt a little frustrated over his calling Kiyomiya a "good little honor student" and only getting in return, "I will defend" or, "I will not give up this belt".
Kiyomiya really needs to work on his presence and his promo skills.
The title match however, was Match of The Year worthy.

VS Naomichi Marufuji

After the match with Masa Kitamiya, Naomichi Marufuji (now returned from injury which stopped his competing in the finals of Global League 2018 versus Kaito Kiyomiya) came out to the ring, and challenged for the belt;

"You won the belt that I was supposed to win, by winning Global League, that I was meant to win. Even so, I do not fear your strength. Do you understand why you are champion? I know everything seems okay thanks to the cheers of the fans, but I have confidence that I will win, no matter how many fans are behind you. I did think about listening to your answer, but there is only one. Your answer is only "do it!" 

Unlike Kenoh (who would have gripped the microphone and started swearing), Kiyomiya was as ever polite and said that he thought Marufuji was going to come out and thanked him for his challenge. 

Title match will take place on the 10th March in Yokohama.

As he realized that he couldn't compete with Kiyomiya's youth, (and especially since he came to the realization that his body was "older than I thought" after injury and therefore couldn't really do any of the aerial maneuvers anymore), Marufuji went for a ground based psychological approach in wearing Kiyomiya down in the pre-matches, by attacking first his arm, and warning him in a after match promo (Kiyomiya looked half angry, half terrified) that he was going to "take him apart, bit by bit. Next is is your leg".
Kiyomiya vowed that he would, "find the weakness of the genius" before his body broke down.
Kenoh has also appeared in the mix, saying that in the title match he will support Marufuji, and will second him. Kenoh's reason for this is half care that Kiyomiya loses the belt (both out of jealous revenge and some kind of concern that Kiyomiya is not ready) and that HE wants to be the one to challenge Marufuji first.

Naomichi Marufuji worked on Kiyomiya's left arm during the pre-matches, and when he saw a picture of him smiling at a fan event surrounded by fans after the Tokorozawa event, he commented darkly (and with a smirking ikon that Katsuhiko Nakajima uses), "You smile, even after I have attacked your left arm. There will be more...more...."
Despite his threat to attack Kiyomiya's legs, Marufuji worked again on the arm when they had their match at Korakuen Hall, he also stood staring unflinchingly at Kiyomiya as Daisuke Harada and Minoru Tanaka fought in the ring.
In what is a change for Marufuji, he started to use submission moves on Kiyomiya, which he doesn't really do and hasn't really done much of, relying more on kicks, strikes and punches, submission moves have never been a strong part of his moveset, but I think now with him being forty this year, realizing that his body is older than he thought, and it probably in the back of his mind that he needs to take care of himself a little more, we may see more of them come in regularly. Marufuji applied a chicken wing on Kiyomiya, who later applied his chicken wing face-lock on him, but Marufuji made him tap out by using what he described as "the perfect Key Lock".
Afterwards, and with a cold sadistic smile on his face, Marufuji bent down and pressed an ice pack on Kiyomiya's arm.

Kiyomiya and Marufuji would meet in the main event of "Great Voyage in Yokohama 2019" on the 10th March, at the first event of the new Noah. Gone was the green ring, gone was the logo. The roster came out to the new theme, and stood on the stage before the ramp. Kiyomiya as the GHC Heavyweight champion, and Naomichi Marufuji as his challenger, came and stood in the ring in silence. They didn't make a speech or cut a promo, it was an act of inauguration.
There were no such pleasantries in the main event, where Kiyomiya appeared in his first ring robe (which can be described as a bizarre combination of Misawa, Tiger Mask Misawa, a Final Fantasy Character, a centurions winter uniform and a chicken).
The fans were scared by this Marufuji, who seemed cold and merciless, but despite the relenting attacks on his arms and his legs, Kiyomiya refused to give up, and finally got the win over Marufuji by using the Tiger Suplex. In a match touted to be for Marufuji a reverse of himself vs Misawa, it was pretty ironic.

After the match, Kiyomiya called Kenoh out to the ring.
Kenoh came stamping out (he should have come out to "March of The Empire"), but Kiyomiya didn't want to offer him a title match, he wanted him to team with him for Global Tag League 2019, and therefore usher in their own era.
Kenoh, (after telling Kiyomiya he didn't appreciate being called out by some "asshole boy"), said that he agreed with him, and agreed to team with him. They would together usher in a new era of Noah, and "WE, would take you bastards back to The Budokan".

Kiyomiya did not receive a direct challenge after the match, but Kenoh did say in the post match promo that even though he was teaming with Kiyomiya, the singles belt was still his goal.

Global Tag League 2019
The challenge for the GHC Heavyweight title went quiet during the Global Tag League period as the heavyweights concentrated on chasing the tag titles. Kenoh and Kiyomiya managed to get along, although at times you could tell there was some tension between them, but on the whole they gave off a very older brother and younger brother vibe (most famously Kenoh was caught giving Kiyomiya the side eye when he was fidgeting with his sleeves when they were facing Takashi Sugiura and KAZMA SAKAMOTO, and tapping him to tell him to stop).
However, the fact that they didn't really trust each other (and never would) came to a head when during Global Tag League, Kiyomiya was counted out as Kenoh tried to pull him into the ring and Masao Inoue held on to him, and Kenoh furiously announced that "today we are over" and accusing Kiyomiya of being "a company dog", the team came to an end.

vs Takashi Sugiura
Takashi Sugiura and KAZMA SAKAMOTO won Global Tag League 2019, and Sugiura challenged Kiyomiya for the title on the 7th May 2019 at a press conference in Tokyo, where he also challenged AXIZ for the GHC Tag Titles. The GHC Heavyweight title will be defended on the 9th June at Korakuen Hall, on the first night of the Mitsuharu Misawa memorial night.
Sugiura said that he wanted the younger generation to know that at 49, he was chasing the titles. He also warned that he was just about to hit his stride.

The pre-matches were short in duration, but brutal, as was the match itself when it came on the 9th June 2019 at the Tokyo Mitsuharu Misawa memorial show at Korakuen Hall. Takashi Sugiura dominated most of the match, battering Kiyomiya, but everything he gave, Kiyomiya managed to endure it all - he took the front neck lock, vicious elbows, DDT avalanche and even kicked out of the Olympic Slam. Kiyomiya, "this 22 year old boy with a three year career" (as Kenoh calls him) managed to get the win after 33 minutes and 53 seconds with the Tiger Suplex.

There was no challenger immediately after the match, and Kiyomiya did not speak on the microphone. Instead, he raised the belt high, faced the portrait of Mitsuharu Misawa and pointed to the heavens.

VS Katsuhiko Nakajima
Kiyomiya's next challenger for the GHC Heavyweight title came from Katsuhiko Nakajima when he and Shuhei Taniguchi got in the ring to challenge the GHC Heavyweight tag champions for the belts. Nakajima, grinning sinisterly, agreed to the challenge but only on condition; if Kiyomiya wanted to challenge for the GHC Heavyweight Tag belts, then Nakajima was going to challenge for the GHC Heavyweight championship.
Kiyomiya, knowing that he had to agree to these terms (and it has to be said, not one to ever back away from a challenger), agreed to these terms as he later said he had a dream of a new vision of Noah which had to be accomplished by having all of the heavyweight championships. Match has been set for July 27th at Kultz Kawasaki.

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